Pussycat Dolls tribute show review

Last night, I popped into the Roxy Review bar at Grand West to check out the Doll Domination, a Pussycat Doll tribute show.

Must say, I wasn’t expecting a lot. Thought I’d end up watching a bunch of scantily-clad vroumense dancing along to the Doll’s greatest hits – and that’s pretty much what it is… except the girls are all totally smoking and super-talented! Also, the lead, Candice Michelle, has a voice so good she makes Nicole Scherzinger look like an Idol’s drop out. (Her rendition of ‘I Hate This Part’ was particularly impressive…)


I was also blown away by their great energy. Chica’s manage to twirl canes, pull off acrobatic moves on stools and even get jiggy with it Bollywood-style all the while singing to hits like ‘Jai Ho’.

If you’re looking for a fun night out with your girlfriends, grab yourself a ticket. You can even drag along your boyfriend and he’ll be guaranteed not to get bored – there’s definitely enough killer abs and crazy good legs for him to ogle. Still, I loved that despite being terrible zexy and riddled with diamante-spankled corsets, the girls never looked tacky or trashy.

To book your seat, simply hop on over to Computicket. Tickets are going for a v. reasonable 67 bucks a pop and the show runs from Wednesday to Saturday until the 28th of May. As it starts at 8:30pm, you’ll even have time to grab a li’l din din beforehand.

I’m now totally inspired to score a rockin’ six pack net soos die dolletjies so I too can run about in just my La Senza’s besties and fishnets… something I plan to wear next time I hit up the frozen foods section of my local Woolies…

Love, love


x x x

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