The Veuve Clicquot Masters 2011

Yesterday, I hit up the Veuve Clicquot Masters, (that’s Cape Town’s most exclusive polo event, if you didn’t know…) at Val de Vie in Franschoek.

Moi, Dax and Ellona - PE peeps forever!
Another glass o bubbles please... ta!

As I got to schmingle in the VIP lounge (thanks Vivid Luxury!), I got to swill litres of free Veuve Clicquot and take in a delish gourmet lunch.

The tower o cheese and I became vas vriende...

Loved that everyone made a real effort to look glamtastical and most of the girls were donning hats from The Little Hattery.

Vivid Luxurys Anina Halherbe rocking a Little Hattery number.

Aside from the big polo game…

Look, theres Prince Harry... psyche!

…there was also a game of pentanque, which is kinda like a fancy version of bowls. Myself and Dax got roped into a team to play against Jeannie D, her boyf and two other folk whose names I didn’t catch. (Sorry man, was v dronk by thenย concentrating hard on learning the rules which I picked up on too late. Apparently you’re supposed to toss your ball so that it lands closest to the little yellow marker balletjie and I spent all my time trying to hit it, snooker-style. Oops!

Our team meant business, but I think we lost. Or won. Not too sure actually...

Either way, the menfolk on our side were too busy being hypnotised by the hotness that is Jeannie, particularly when she yelled shizz like ‘If there’s one thing I know, it’s balls!’

Ball expert Jeannie D
Like how she brought out the blue in her rokkie with Essies Lapis of Luxury from the Resort Collection.

Other peeps on the scene included actress Jenna Dover.

Her dress was definitely one of the most gorgeous there; a zexy Malcolm Kluk CGDT number that she teamed with a slick of red lippie (MAC's Dubonet).

Val de Vie magazine covergirl Lieschen Botes was also there…

Lieschen in Elbeth Gillis couture and Shimansky jewels with her IT boyf Warren. (I have an IT boyf too - they rock).

Lieschen was one of the many peeps who gave me advice on my leg dramz… yip, I’d managed to burn the shizz out of myself yet again, this time with my curling tong. Check it out:

This bastards on the side of my leg just above my knee. I got him by sitting on my curling tong just before leaving for the event and he throbbed the whole bloody day.

Lieschen reckons I mustn’t bother with tissue oil and use Bio-Oil only. This is the advice she got from a plastic surgeon for a huuuge cut she once got on her forehead. I’m taking the fact that her face is now flawless as evidence that Bio-Oil is the way to go.

After drinking my fair share (and then some) of yummy Veuve, I decided to say my good byes… but not before nabbing a shot with Ryk Neethling.

For once, Id like to be in a pic with this oke where I dont have that OhMyGodImStandingNextToRykNeethling look o hysteria on my gesig...

I sidled up to him with those new miniature Smarties… the ย classy gal’s ice breaker… and discovered, much to my horror, that HE DOESN’T LIKE SWEETS!



Guess we aren’t going to have that torrid affair after all…

Thanks Vivid Luxury – this was a great day out! Now please stop tagging piccies of me on Facebook where my legs look fat! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Love, love


x x x

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