And the winner is…

Big thank you to everyone who entered my Softlips competition… it seems like the French Vanilla and Strawberry variants are your favourite favourites…

Anyhoo, ‘cos I’m fair and all that, I got my mate Simon, who sits just behind me, to shout out the first number that popped into his head. He chose 7 (he says it’s ‘lucky’) and that meant (drum roll please…) that the winner of the hundred buck Softlips hamper is…

Cyndi Sobotker!

French Vanilla... ooh la la!

Now as it turns out, Cyndi and I used to work together at Jupiter. In fact, she used to sit right next to me and occasionally endure my fingers in her lunch… So yes, I know… I totally knoooooow how nepotistic this looks… (cringe, cringe…), but chica did win fair and square. In fact, I bullied asked so many of my friends to enter that the odds where kinda decent that one would win…

Anyway, congrats my darling Cyndle Pin… I’m glad you won, you’re one of my favourite people.

Big, fat, Softlips-y kiss,


x x x



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Editor of South African beauty blog Lipgloss is my Life.

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