Review: Rimmel Magnif’eyes eye contouring shadow palettes

Like a good drugstore deal? Rimmel London have launched Magnif’eyes eye contouring shadow palettes and at R169 a pop for eight shades they’re a regte steal. Sure, we’re not talking Urban Decay quality but hey, at less than two hundred bucks for a choice of eight shades, I’ll take it! I mean, even if you only end up using six of the shades its still a good deal. Currently just a single NYX shadow alone is R100 at Clicks.

Hello hello!
Hello hello!

Each palette comes with a guide as to how to apply them on the back but don’t pay too much attention to it. Use them how you wish and toss the little brush they come with in the trash. No fully grown make-up lovin’ woman should be putting on her shadow with a sponge brush. Invest in a proper bristle one today and it’ll change your life. (I like MAC’s 217.)

Now here’s a closer look at each trio…

Grunge Glamour
Grunge Glamour

London Calling
London Nudes Calling


Keep Calm and Wear Bronze

Of all three I like Keep Calm and Wear Bronze best, but that’s just ‘cos I have a preference for warm-toned more natural-looking shades, so I wasted no time in getting swatchy.

You'll see the palest shade has zero pigment pay off. The first one that's visible is second from the left.
You’ll see the palest shade has zero pigment pay off and is almost like a translucent powder. The first one that’s visible is actually second from the left.

I found that some colour, mostly the matte ones, had to be applied with a heavy hand to make an impact but if you’re using a primer or applying them on top of foundation you’re not going to have too much of a problem. The shimmery shades, however, particularly the fourth and fifth shades from the left, stroked on super duper well.

In short, like I said, if you’re looking to up your shadow colour options fast without having to splash a lot of cash, Rimmel’s new palettes are a decent way to do it.

Love, love


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