The Vibe party – fun, fun, fun

Did any of you girls go to the Vibe Party at The Grand last night? Was one of the best I’ve been to in ages…

Karis Piss went ahead of me, arriving around lunch time, as I had to attend a friend’s hen’s tea. When I arrived, I discovered her well on her way to dronkness and… quelle horreur… rocking a dress tres similar to mine!

Mama dresses us the same, like, aaall the time. We like to tell peeps that we're twinsies...

We were even wearing similar accessories…

Love to love you, baby...

Still, it wasn’t suuuch a trainsmash as it ensured we’d be approached by a string of cute boys who used taunting us about our  ‘matchy-matchiness’ as an inroad to ‘so, let me buy the twins a drink…’

Now let me tell you about the Best Thing Ever… OMG! See this? This veritable mecca of sugary goodness?

This was the Wings Group Candy Shop. When I saw it and realised that they were literally dishing out sweeties to whoever wanted them, I totally died and went to Diabetic Coma Heaven!  Their sweeties are tres delish and include the likes of Twiglets (a Marmite-flavoured crunchy wholegrain snack), Choco Friends (light, airy wafer rolletjies covered in nummy chocolate)…

…and of course, the piece de resistance


For those of you who are uninitiated into Le Cult of Toffifee, let me give you a little run down… these babies are soft, toffee cups that envelop a hazelnut surrounded by caramel, topped with a dollop of chocolate. They’re also irrefuteable proof that the Sugar Gods love us and want us to be happy. 😉

Now let’s get down to schmingling and mingling…

When I arrived, (around 5:30), a nice crowd had gathered.

Angels were handing out plates of delicious-looking deep fried awesomeness…

Could their hair be any more stunsville?

Some peeps were playing ping pong…

While others, c’est moi, preferred to booze it up on the sand socialise.

Boschendal bubbly - goes down like cooldrink...
...and pairs particulalry well with copious amounts of sugar.
Hard knock life, ne?

I was taking in the lovely sea view, idley shoving Twiglets in my mouth when my Calorie Wingwoman, Karis Piss, reached over and gave my hand a hard, sharp smack, knocking a shower of Twiglets from my grasp. ‘Don’t eat that!’, she hissed. ‘It’ll make you bloat up like a whale… and it’s the same amount of kiloujoules as Choco Friends. What’s WRONG with you?! WHY would you not eat the chocolate?!’ (So I did… approximately half my bodyweight to be exact…)

Celeb-wise, we ran into Colin Moss, who’s an absolute darling.

Red white and blue bitches, oh yeah...

He was eating Twiglets too, so I felt obliged to warn him a la Karis Piss and gave him a little scolding. I then proceeded to eat half of his bag… (Sorry cooks!)

Roxy Louw was out and about too.

Even with marine life hanging out of her mouth, girl still brings the hotness...

Rox is an oyster lover like me and I may have elbowed her in the face so as to get up front and centre at the free oyster bar. (Yes, really…) It was like the seafood version of the Edgars Cosmetics sale…

See the cute, mini Tabasco bottles? Love it!

Scenester regulars, Mr Fitness SA Jeff Tsoutsos, and Omesh Authar, were also there.

Love these boys despite the fact that they're vainer than I am... Had to snap this piccie twice 'cos Omesh thought his hand didn't look it's best in the first one. ;-P

Please notice that Jeff is wearing a tee from his own clothing label Dranged Lifestyle. Their stuff’s actually pretty cool and v. well-priced.

Ooh, and Herschell Gibbs was there too.

Herschelle and I getting our drunk faces on...

I’d been running around barefoot and have a vague memory of Meneer Gibbs politely offering to suck a piece of gravel out of my toe. Naturally, I declined as they were super dirty and I didn’t want to give the poor lad diptheria of iets… Still, I may hold him to his offer at later, more booze-fuelled party. Reckon it’ll make a fun pic, if anything. ;-P

Even Espresso presenter Liezel van der Westhuizen made it out.

Leizel and actress Vanessa Haywood AKA as Girls That Are Hotter Than Me But Too Nice To Despise.

Poor Liezel had fallen off her bike during the Argus and suffered a light fracture to her pelvis, but it would take a lot more than that to miss out on the awesomeness that is a Vibe Party.

Oh! And here’s the King of le Vibe himself, Seth Rotherham and his darling Muse.

Loving it!

Apparently things really got going after dark… think fire spinners and circus performers from AfrodizzyActs… Alas, I had to leave early so as to deal with a friend crisis… but not before Jules from the Little Black Book, the events co responsible for pulling off such a bash, handed me a pair of free Ray-ban Aviators.

Christmas came early for Lipgloss Girl...

Can you believe it? (Here’s me jumping up and down…) I LOVE Ray-Bans… they remind me of my dad as they’re the only sunnies he deems fit to wear.

Naturally, I accepted them with casual grace… ‘free sunnies for moi? Why thank you darling…’ but the moment I was ensconced in the privacy of the parking lot, I inflicted an embarrassing Balkie-style Dance of Joy on my friend Darryn. Think ‘OMG Darryn! Look, what I got! Reee! Reee! Reeeee!’ (This was accompanied by a series of spazzy dance moves…)

What do you mean it's not cool to wear sunnies at night? This is how I roll, man!

I’m super thrilled, ‘cos now I’ve got the shades to match my freaky, Tom Cruise I’ve-just-got-BriteSmile grin. (Just so you know, BriteSmile was one of the party’s sponsors and all guests got a voucher entitling them to R600 off a treatment. Woop, woop!).

Werner, my photographer friend, told me that the list of those who’d recieve Ray-Bans was v. ‘short’ and I ‘beat out celebs like name drop, name drop, name drop…’ Nyhahahah! (Sorry to go on like this, but you must understand my ‘small town gal, I-once-wore-head-gear’ background to appreciate the utter fabness of such a moment… ;-P

When I got home, I pulled all the yummy Wings Group goodies I’d picked up throughout the evening out of my bag.

Embarassingly, I had TEN packs of Toffifee, despite the fact that I'd given some away to homeless peeps during my drive.

Oh the skaam… My middle class upbringing rears it’s ugly head once more… ;-P But I just couldn’t help it. The Wings peeps were EVERYWHERE… and they were so friendly and seductive… literally handing out their sweeties like, well, candy…

Thank you 2OceanvibeThe Little Black Book, Wings Group and Ray-Ban for a seriously killer party. You guys made my weekend. 😉

Love, love


x x x

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9 thoughts on “The Vibe party – fun, fun, fun

    1. Hee hee hee. It’s actually even bigger now… the next day I found lots more strewn across the back seat of my car. Was a good night out, clearly. Hee hee! Best anorexarise now, so you can pack it all back on with Toffifee when you come down. Less than a month to go! x x x

  1. You guys better eat those chocolates quickly, everything expires in April. I had a very different perception of this party. The food – I am sorry. Bar service – not under 30min to get a drink. People – fake and pretentious. But hey, lipgloss is not my life.

  2. Love the post! Sunglass Hut rock for the new Sunnies! I got a pair to and loved my wayfarers! Thanks Sunglass Hut!

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