Marks & Spencer Sun Formula self tan review

Last night I was at the Waterfront and picked up a bottle of M&S Sun Formula Bronzing Spray (a self tan) at Woolies. They had a big-ass table full of them, all marked down to a mere R30,00.

A slightly tinted liquid, it contains moisturising star flower and monoi oil as well as erythrulose, an ingredient that helps the colour absorb better into your skin.  

I gave it a bash last night as I’ve got the 2Ocean’s Vibe party this eve, but it was tres tres disappointing. Clearly my bottle was low on le erthrulose as the colour I ended up with was ridiculously light. In fact, I woke up this morning looking as though I hadn’t applied a drop of self tan at all.

What do you mean I look pale? I've been marinating in M&S self tan! Can't you see?!

It’s also got a weird ‘chemically’ scent. Nothing like the delicious sweetness of Clarins Liquid Bronze, the self tan I use on my face.  


A part of me feels stupid for trying a new product the night before a big opskop, but hey… sometimes I like to ‘live on the edge’ in regards to my prettification… ;-P Still, I really did expect more. Especially since it’s a clear liquid, which generally gives more colour than creams… that and its regular sale price is R110,00. The only good thing I can say about it is that it sinks into your skin in a flash, so you can get dressed v. quickly after applying it.

Reckon if you’re a translucent Brit, this could give you the colour you crave, but as a semi-toasty South African, it failed to impress. I’m now having to apply my beloved Caribbean Tan on top of this and endure wearing it during the day. Not ideal, but hey.    

x x x 

P.S. You must, must, must try Woolies’ new biltong pate! (Not to be confused with their horrid biltong spread…) It’s so good I ended up eating the entire bakkie in my car, in the parking lot… (A sad image, I know… but man, it was awesome!) 😉

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2 thoughts on “Marks & Spencer Sun Formula self tan review

  1. Sounds like that Woolies spray would be perfect for me! And the pate – I want that on my arrival rider, along with a can of Fanta Grape and Schweppes Grenadilla please 😉 xx

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