Last night, when I showed off my Wings Group goodies to my health freak, gym fanatic boyfriend, he gave me a withering look and made some comment about how it was bad to keep so much sugar in the house. Still, I tried to feed him some Toffifee, but he kinda just sniffed at it.

I then got into the bath (‘cos if I come home reeking of le smook, I’m not allowed to climb into bed until I’ve washed it off…)

When I got out, I found him like this:


And yes, he’s wearing my new Ray-ban Aviators. To watch TV. In the dark. 😉

Love you zexy snoek!

x x x

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Editor of South African beauty blog Lipgloss is my Life.

One thought on “Bwhahahahaha

  1. ha ha ha!! Jassas Mike you Nobb!!! Leigh, you should have kicked his toffee ass off the couch and told him that he looked like a Top Gun Noddy!!!!

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