BriteSmile tooth whitening rocks my world

Girls, you’re going to diiiie with jealousy… I just got back from De Waterkant Health Medicine & Dentistry practice in Green Point where the amazing Emma gave me a serious mouth make-over which included a BriteSmile tooth whitening session!
De Waterkant Health's zexy-looking offices. V. Nip/Tuck... I like...

You won’t believe how white my teeth are now. My vanity levels have, like, totally shot through the roof! And I can’t stop taking piccies of me doing this terrifying, maniacal Tom Cruise-like grin.

What do you mean 'why am I smiling like that?' I ALWAYS smile like this!

If you didn’t know, BriteSmile is South Africa’s premium tooth whitening experience. In just under an hour, you can lift your teeth by up to 9 shades whiter! Results have been clinically proven to last around 3 and a half years, but if you use the maintenance kit, you can keep your teeth-looking sparkly white for much longer. It’s also perfectly tooth-friendly in that the formulas active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide at a level that doesn’t affect the actual structure of your tooth.

This is Emma King, my oral hygienist extraordinaire.

All whitey now...

Before the whitening treatment, Emma decided to clean my teeth. (If your teeth are nice and clean, the peroxide is able to penetrate them better). Ideally, this is something you should do every six months. Shamefully, I couldn’t remember when last I’d had this done. (I wore braces when I was young… totally traumatic… so I generally avoid the dentist as much as possible… ) Now, however, after experiencing the awesomeness of a serious pick n’ polish, I’ll definitely be scheduling regular appointments. I can’t believe how smooth my teeth feel… and I can’t stop tonguing the ‘gaps’ between them.

Now let’s get down to brightening…

To begin, Emma piped a weird white substance onto my gums that went on like paste, but soon hardened up to protect them from the peroxide.

Look ma, no gums!

She then painted a clear whitening gel that contained 25% peroxide onto my teeth. To speed up its penetration, she hooked me up to a fancy light machine.

Warp speed, please Sulu!

I sat like this for 20 minutes, but they flew by while Emma chatted to me about super important stuff… like The Bachelorette and red wine… Once the time passed, I was then ‘repainted’ and sat with the light for another 20. And then, just like that, I was all done. Emma removed the light, peeled off the white shizz and voila… I was handed a mirror to take in a sparkly-looking set of teeth that are now as white as my fridge. Woo hoo!

I don't care if my hair looks crap in this shot - my teeth are as white as Emma's shirt!

Girls, if you’re considering whitening up, I can’t recommend BriteSmile enough. It was so quick, didn’t hurt in the least and the results are incredible. The level of whiteness I’ve achieved in less than an hour is the kind I couldn’t dream of getting with a million zillion of my beloved Crest Whitestrips. (Still, I won’t be chucking them away… they’ll definitely come in handy in regards to maintenance…)

Speaking of which… look at this fab BriteSmile hamper I was given.

See that big blue bottle? It's the fanciest, most awesome-looking mouth wash I've ever seen.

Those BriteSmile To Go pens contain 5,25% hydrogen peroxide. Emma says I must use them every night for a week to ensure my smile stays as bright-looking as it is today…

Emma – thank you so much for my beautiful new smile. You’re a true tooth fairy! I’m now off to stare at my shiny new teeth in the mirror… again… (Budgie’s aint got nothing on me…) 😉

Love, love


x x

Want more info on BriteSmile? Go check out their Facebook page. If you click on their ‘like’ button, you can stand a chance to win a free tooth whitening session! To read more about De Waterkant Health Medicine & Dentistry practice, click here. If you like their Facebook page, you can get 10% off a BriteSmile or botox treatment. Love it!

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  1. please contact me as I would love to find out how much it is and book myself a treatment. Many thanks


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