A closer look at MAC’s Wonder Woman collection – (includes swatches)

Right… as promised, let’s take a closer look at those Wonder Woman goodies…

First up, we’ve got the zexy red make-up bag:

This red one is R350,00, while the Bulletproof Blue one is R400,00. Aside from the colour difference, they look they same to me, so not sure why one is fifty bucks more.
LOVE the stars inside of it. I’m actually too scared to use it, ‘cos I don’t want to mess up the spangle…

This is the ultility belt set, R550,00. 

The cute li’l wallet slides off the belt, so you can use it as a purse and wear the belt seperately.
Again, the best bit is inside…
...each wallet contains either a make-up brush kit for Eyes or Face. (I received a mix of brushes, so pictured is a mini foundation brush and powder brush from the Face set and a concealer brush from the Eye set).

Now take a squiz at this pretty blush…

Powder Blush Duo in Amazon Princess, R220,00

It reminds me a lot of my favourite MAC Beauty Powder Blush, Sweetness – except it’s a touch more plummy and a lot more pigmented. (It requires just one sweep to make a serious impact and, as I’m used to Sweetness, which is v. buildable, I keep on over applying it).

Sweetness on the left, Amazon Princess on the right.

 The Mineralize Skinfinish I recieved is called Golden Lariat. It’s the darker of two and is a little too dark for my NC20-25 skin tone.

You should SEE how nice and BIG this compact is... like a seriously glam frisbee...
Pretty, right?
Like I said, too dark for moi... but oh so tempting for anyone else with a slightly deeper complexion.
The bronze swatch on the right is all the colours of the compact swirled up together.

I also recieved one of the Opulash mascaras (available in four colours; purple, green, blue or black), R145,00, and a Penultimate eye liner, R160,00, Rapid Black.

Mascara on left, liner on right. In retrospect, I should have shot this with another mascara to give it scale - both products are 'supersized', much like Wonder Woman, who just so happens to be an Amazon.

The mascara I received was the blue one. It’s called Themyscira, which, as it turns out, is the mythical island from which Wonder Woman and her fellow Amazon sisters come.

You pronounce it 'them-as-keera'. I know this 'cos I Wikipediad it. (Yes, I'm that big of a dork...)

The Penultimate Liner (below) is truly awesome. It looks like a big magic marker and makes creating Angelina Jolie-style cat eyes a total breeze. However, unlike marker, it vanishes with a mere sweep of a baby wipe.  

The Penultimate Liner in Rapid Black - definitely the item I'll be using most.
The Wonder Woman collection also includes limited edition lippies, eye shadow quads, pigment and ENORMOUS Lipglasses. They’re almost double the size of a regular Lipglass, yet the same price. If you want to get your paws on them, make a plan real quick – they’re selling out at the rate of knots.
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