Broadway Real Life Petites nails review

Just the other day, I was sent a box of Broadway Real Life Petites, a box of glue-on French-tipped nails.

Broadway Real Life Petites - 24 nails, 12 different sizes.
The box includes the glue, a surprisingly potent mini nail file and a wooden orange stick.

In the past, I’ve used the regular size and have always liked them. However, I found them a bit too big for my teeny tiny nails. (My hands have always been freaky, circus carnie small…) I found it tedious to have to file most of them down so they didn’t jut over the tips of my fingers like talons. Also, there were always only a few small one’s in the box that I could use – and then I’d be left with a pack full of ‘biggies’.

This is why I’m LOVING Real Life Petites in Real Short. I can literally slap two drops of glue on each nail and press them onto my fingers sommer so. Broadway also mean it when they say ‘short’ – these guys literally just pop over the tip of my actual fingernails. Not having to sit with a file and saw at them afterwards was fabulous. Still, I did give a few of them a quick ‘shape’ on the side to create a more ovate-looking tip.

The thumb nail was particularly too square looking for my taste, but sorting him out with the file (included in the pack) was a breeze.

Thumb looking a bit square...
...filed to an oval in a flash.
Prettiness, c'est moi!

Next time I need fab-looking nails in a flash, I won’t hesitate to buy Broadway Petites. They’re awesome. 😉

What do you mean 'why am I talking like that?' I ALWAYS speak with my hand pressed up on my face...

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2 thoughts on “Broadway Real Life Petites nails review

  1. Like the idea of the no-chip-white-bits – nifty. Also love your ring, I have the same one (at least it looks like it) and after recently re-discovering it at the bottom of a drawer I’m giving it a revival. 🙂

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