Oh look, it’s Warren Adler

Oooh, I actually forgot to post this piccie…

Sorry Wazza, my love, keep forgetting you’re a fancy pants celeb.

This is my mate Warren. We’re both proud PE expats and I’ve known this oke since he had braces on his teeth…

Just LOOK how gorgeous he’s turned out! I now totally regret not getting it on with him at a school disco… coulda been able to point to his piccie and go ‘See that girls? We once had a ‘thing’… (Nobody would’ve needed to know it involved ‘shuffling’ to Bryan Adams… or that I was rocking a lumo pink scrunchie and flop socks at the time…)

Anyhoo, aside from being an intrepid businessman/hottie, Warren is also an up and coming actor. (He played the lead in StringCaesar, a modern day take on the early life of Julius Caesar, filmed in Polsmoor).

Poor old Warren doesn’t know this, but, as my 30th birthday looms in the next two weeks, I’ve been thinking about him a lot… or more specifically, the bathroom at his mom’s house.

You see, yonks back, (like, when I was in high school), I attended one of his house party’s with my best friend in the world, Heather. (Love you, Smeth!) The two of us went off the loo to powder our noses… and that’s when we we saw it… the ENORMOUS bath shaped like that big clam shell in the Venus de Milo painting!

Oh! My! God!

To our innocent, small town gal eyes, it was the coolest darn bathroom we’d ever seen!

Then and there, we decided it was to be the scene of our grand demise. This is because at 15, Smethie-cakes and I were quite certain that we didn’t want to live past 30. (‘I mean, what could possibly be, like, awesome, after the big three oh? We’d be, like, ANCIENT!’)

Thus, we made a pact that, the week before our 30th, we’d go to this super-expensive boutique in our local mall, Don Marco, and use our parents’ credit cards to buy two amazing, skouspel-style evening gowns. (Clearly, we didn’t have the foresight to think we might actually be earning out own money by then.) We planned to dress up in the gowns, down a fat bottle of champers and then break into Warren Adler’s mom’s house. Once in, we’d hit up the bathroom,  use lippie to write ‘Leigh and Smethie rule!’ on the mirror and then climb into her tub and end our lives oh so glamorously.

Now that I’m pretty much on the doorstep of 30, I can’t tell you how good it is not to have shuffled off my mortal coil, particularly since MAC’s new Wonder Woman collection just landed on my desk. (Woop, woop!) Can’t wait to get stuck into it over lunch and take lots and lots of piccies.

Love, love



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