Lee Stafford Big Fat Hair and Sea Salt spray review

The other day UK-based celeb hairdresser Lee Stafford was in Cape Town to celebrate the fact that his hair care line can now be found on the shelves at Clicks.

Did you know that Lee was one of the frst to produce a heat protection spray to use with flat irons?

As I was working a temp deputy ed gig at the time, I wasn’t able to attend the launch, but the Clicks chicas were nice enough to send me a few of his goodies to testdrive. (Dankie girls!)

Clearly Lee's goodies aren't going to get lost on the shelves...

Aside from the hot pink packaging (and cute li’l Staffie logo), the first thing you’ll notice about Lee’s products is the smell. They’re all heavily fragranced with a sweet chocolate and patchouli-type scent that, to me, smells exactly like Thierry Mugler’s Angel. Back in the day, I absolutely DESPISED this scent, but as I’ve gotten older it’s totally grown on me. I reckon it works rather well on cold, wintery Cape Town nights and have been told it’s a good one to wear when you’re on a diet ‘cos being in a cloud of perpetual sweetness makes you less likely to throw yourself into the mosh for a peice of office birthday cake. Ha! 

Anyhoo… getting back to Lee… the first of his goodies that I tried was his My Big Fat Healthy Hair shampoo and conditioner, R94,99, each.

Big, fat, healthy hair...

The shampoo’s nice and light and gives your hair a good clean without weighing it down. The conditioner, however, is a bit too light. When used together, they left my hair feeling noticeably ‘bouncy’… ‘fluffy’-lookng even, however, as my hair’s colour treated and needs a good dose of hydration, I found it difficult to detangle after washing. In fact, I ended up having to resort to using a detangling spray, which kind of negated much of the ‘volume’.

The next Lee Stafford product I got to play with, Beach Babe Sea Salt Spay, R94,99, is utterly fabulous.

Love this!

It’s a ‘complex of dead sea salts and 26 minerals’ that, when spritzed on either wet or dry hair, gives it that sexy, tousled Camps Bay beach bunny look. I’ve been giving my hair a light spritzing with it after making my usual ‘big night out’ barrel tong curls and I find it works a bit like hair spray in that it makes my waves last longer, but doesn’t leave you with horrid, stiff-looking ‘Shellac’-like finish.

Another way I like to I also like to use i? After I get out the shower or bath, I towel dry my hair to rid it of excess water before brushing it out. I then give it a good spritzing with Lee’s spray before using my fingers to ‘tousle’ up my locks. Then, when it dries, my do’s got the same texture and ‘defined’ (dare I say ‘crispy’-look?) that you get from air drying after a dip in the sea. I then give it a bit of a brush to break up the sections that have ‘stuck’ together and – voila – I have ‘naturally’ wavy-looking locks that somehow feel thicker, fatter and more voluminous. Love it!

When you’re next in store, go check out Lee’s line. He’s got some real gems and their cute hot pink packaging is sure to add a touch o’ mooi to your shower or bath.

Love, love


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2 thoughts on “Lee Stafford Big Fat Hair and Sea Salt spray review

  1. I’m not a fan of the sea salt spray. Has a nice scent, but it makes my hair so sticky and feels like I’ve put way too much hairspray in my hair. It does nothing for me. 😦

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