Beaute Pacifique Creme Metamorphique review

A while back, I was given Beaute Pacifique’s Creme Metamorphique. As promised, I’ve been using it at night – for a whole month, nogal –  and now feel like I can chip in on it’s effectiveness.

Beaute Pacifique Creme Metamorphique

In short, it really does work. But you know I like to ramble… 😉

Initially I bitched about how I found the cream to be a little too rich, but I totally take that back. The first time I slapped it on, back in Jan, it was one of those disgustingly hot nights and pretty much anything would’ve melted off my face. (Cape Town peeps, you know exactly what I’m talking about…) Now, it sinks in within a minute and I actually look forward to it’s luxuriously creamy texture every night before bed.

In regards to wrinkle-busting, I can see it’s improved the fine lines around my eyes. Not enough to prevent me from hitting up my botox dude, but enough to make me feel less kak about being slack with making my appointment. Now as far as radiance goes… (FYI retinol and retinol derivatives help stimulate your cellular turnovert, so you can expect a more even-looking skin tone) I can see that my skin has a v. nice, ‘glow’ to it… this was something I noticed prior to having that delightful microdermabasion experience at Spoilt and the optiPHI glycolic facial peel.

My usual go to retinol gem is RoC Retin-ox Wrinkle Correxion cream. (Like, could they have picked a trickier spelling?!) I found that this exfoliates/brightens up my skin a little faster than Creme Metamorphique as it contains retinol, which is stronger than the two retinol derivatives in Beaute Pacifique’s product. Still my RoC ‘love in’ comes at a cost… if I use my RoC cream every night in a row, my skin starts to feel a little sensitive and can get a bit flaky – a total horrorshow if you want to wear foundation. With Creme Metamorphique, I can wear it every single night and not have to worry about the slightest tickle of irritation.

Oh! And one of the biggest plus points of using retinol and vitamin A derivatives is that the molecules are small enough to sink deep down into your skin and help stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. This plumps out your skin and essentially keeps it from sagging. Merrily, I’m still too young to see a visible difference in this regard, but would hope that with continued use, my face wouldn’t cave in (as much) when I’m old and gray.

In all, I’ve really enjoyed using this and will consider purchasing another tub when my current baby run’s dry. I love that despite having used it for just over a month (and tres generously too – as you do with things you didn’t pay for… ), I’ve only made a dip in the jar about half a centimetre deep. I feel this goes a long way towards justifying it’s price point – R870,00 for 50mls.

So ja…  a two thumbs up for Creme Metamorphique. I like, I like, I like…  😉

To find out more about Beaute Pacifique, click here.

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4 thoughts on “Beaute Pacifique Creme Metamorphique review

    1. Hi Dee! I didn’t buy it, it was sent to me for review. A department store in SA called Edgars was stocking it but I haven’t seen it in months or heard a peep from the PR so it might not be available here anymore.

    2. It was being sold via Edgars, a local chain store but I think the company’s now pulled out of South Africa. Perhaps shop for it online from a store with international delivery? A quick google will bring one up.

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