Getting spoiled at Spoilt

Remember I told you about that awesome spa special Spoilt Hair & Beauty in Green Point were running? You can get a full body scrub, detoxifying wrap and microdermabrasion facial for just 400 buckaroos! I was lucky enough to be invited to give it a bash and it’s divine, divine, divine!

I’ve often driven past the salon, but never had the time to pop inside. This is the first time I got to see it and it’s lovely.

And here we’ve got Karen, my lovely therapist, and Shoneez Warrington, the owner.

Karen on the left, Shoneez on the right.

Shoneez also works in the salon and when I arrived she was busy cutting someone’s hair.

These are the treatment rooms in the back. I liked that they were snug yet stylish with pretty finishing touches like chandeliers and art on the walls.

My pampering session kicked off with a full body scrub followed by a Moyo Buchu Detox Wrap, a  lovely fresh herby-smelling gel that gets smeared all over your bod to help draw out le evil toxins. Once slathered up to the max, I got rolled up in plastic sheeting roti and covered in blankets. (Karen says that the idea is to heat you up as much as possible to help the product suck out all the nasties).

King Tut would be proud...

While I was wrapped up like a roti, Karen got to work on my face, using the microdermabrasion machine. Check it out:

See that white powder shizz in that glass chamber? Those are aluminium oxide crystals. The machine has a tube attached to it that gets run over your face to sandblast the crystals against your skin. This effectively exfoliates off the top layer to reveal fresh, radiant skin and stimulates collagen production. It’s great for minimising mild pigmentation and buffing away fine lines.

I was a bit nervy, scared that it would hurt, but I really needn’t have worried as, if anything, it kinda tickled and I couldn’t stop laughing when Karen ran it across my chin… The best way to describe it would be to say that it kinda feels like a teeny tiny vacuum cleaner, set on the mildest of mild suction, moving around your face.

Afterwards, my skin felt as smooth as a baby’s bum and I could definitely see it had worked as I’d walked in sporting a tan (thanks to my beloved Clarins Liquid Bronze facial self-tanner), but left looking like a spook.

Karen warned me not to wear make-up until the next day and, if I went in the sun, to use a seriyas SPF. This is because you’ve just exposed new, fresh skin which is sensitive to everything. So much so that any products you apply penetrate up to 50% more than usual. This is something I definitely picked up on that night when I slapped on the awesomness that is Beaute Pacific Creme Metamorphique – it’s enriched with loads of vitamin A and tingled to hell and gone.

Since then, I’ve run into friends who’ve asked me what foundation I’m using because my skin ‘looks like it’s ‘glowing’. Woop Woop! And this is unprompted! I hadn’t told any of them about my fab little face peel. 😉

Want to get one yourself? Give Spoilt a ring on (021) 424 7112 – and hurry, this special is only on until the end of the mo.

Thanks Shoneez and Karen, this was a fabulous experience. It made having to wear this dude totally worthwhile…


Hee hee hee!

Love, love


P.S. I fell head over heels in love with Shoneez’s pretty necklace and snapped a piccie to show you:

Gorgeous, right?

She says she got it at a boutique called Peach in Main Road Seapoint opposite the Standard Bank. It set her back a grand, but it’s real gold. Apparently they have silver too, so I’ll definitely be popping in there some time soon…

2 thoughts on “Getting spoiled at Spoilt

  1. I guess the first thing im doing with my first paycheck is making a trip to spoilt then!! That M.D.A therapy really really could come in handy for me!!

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