optiPhi skin peeling facial – love it!

This weekend I got treated to an indulgent optiPhi facial at Spice Health & Skincare Studio in Tyger Valley.

The salon is lovely and my therapist, Taryn, was very knowledgeable and friendly. She’s also got magic hands and gave me one of the best neck and shoulder massages I’ve had in yonks.

But let me first tell you a little bit about optiPhi…

Sleek, ne?

Developed by a local dermatologist, Hugo Nel, the brand’s star product is the Rejuvenating Revitalizer serum, R1 368,00. A mix of antioxidant vitamins C and E, it also contains retinol to help turn back the hands of time. Another bonus? It helps increase the activity of telomerase, an enzyme in your skin that helps keeps your telomere cells elongated. (A happy, youthful telomere is long and tapers off at the ends. As it gets older, they get shorter and can’t produce vital proteins and enzymes like they used to. So nice, long telomeres are a good thing…)

Anyhoo, I was there for an optiPhi treatment that you can’t buy off the shelf – an in-salon optiPhi Peel. Essentially, this is a quickie facial peel that uses 25% glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is your skin’s friend because, aside from giving you a seriyas exfoliation, it stimulates cellular activity, improves your skin’s elasticity and minimizing the appearance of sun damage. It also helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

But still… the word ‘peel’ just sounds so scary right? But you needn’t worry – this is a mild, gentle little peel that involves having a little chemical exfoliant painted on your face. When it’s done sizzling off all your old, dead cells, it gets wiped away, taking the dull-looking top cells with it. There’s no horrid scabbing and ‘peeling’ later on. In fact, you can do it in your lunch break, go back to work and nobody would be the wiser.

So, back to my facial… after a double cleanse using optiPhi’s Facial Cleanser, I was then treated to a little optiPhi Protecting Revitalizer, an anti-oxidant serum with anti-inflammatory properties. The peel was then painted onto my face.

‘This won’t hurt’, said Taryn. ‘Most people just feel a tingling sensation, like ants walking on your face’. Alas, I found it did sting a bit. Clearly, my ants were the red kind that bit… I lay there thinking ‘Oh my God… if this gets any worse, I’m going to jump off this table and…’, but, luckily, before I had a chance to get to the end of my sentence, the sensation dissipated completely.  Seriously. One minute my toes were curled up in eek-ness and the next, I felt a big bunch of nothing. Sjoe! Taryn could’ve been rubbing Nivea onto my face for all I know.

Rocking the zexy hair net...

While the peel worked it’s magic, Taryn gave me the most amazing mini massage. It was so fabulous, in fact, that I almost fell asleep on her  table. Then, before I knew it,  she was wiping off the peel so as to gently rub an array of serums as well as a ‘dermal recovery mask’ into my skin.

Afterwards, I was a bit nervy to look in the mirror, convinced I’d be cherry red. Fortunately, I wasn’t rooi in the slightest and, if anything, looked a lighter shade of pale due to all my self-tan sizzling off. I also loved the way my skin glowed. It definitely looked more radiant and felt silky smooth – like I’d gotten jiggy with a silicone-based primer. Another plus? The peel makes your pores incredibly soft, so you can pop out a nasty blackhead  with ease and not have to worry about leaving a red mark on your face.

In all, I reckon optiPhi’s facials are awesome and definitely worth the initial, short-lived zing. And it’s so nice to have a facial that actually DOES something. (I dunno about you, but I hate those ‘facials’ that just involves having a series of fancy creams rubbed into your skin – I can do that myself at home…) Love how optiPhi makes a very visible difference – one you can see and feel.

Want one? Call optiPhi’s head office on (012) 667 6244 to find the salon offering the treatment closest to you. At Spice, it costs R400,00 for a 25% peel and R450 for one that’s 30%.

Love, love


X x

3 thoughts on “optiPhi skin peeling facial – love it!

  1. Totally love this stuff! On my fourth peel and my skin is looking freaking fantastic!!!! Can’t believe its a local brand – GO SA!!!!

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