The awesomeness that is Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss

Remember how I wrote about Chanel’s beautiful new liploss, Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss, R325,00? (It boasts one of the most impressive press releases I’ve seen in yonks, which you can take a peek at over here). I finally got my paws on the gloss itself (reeeee!) and it is indeed every bit as fabulous as it looks.
You should feel how nice and heavy the tube feels in your hand... it's like a uber-luxe, super useful paperweight!

Just get a load of the stunning specially-curved brush which is tapered on either side to glide across your lips with ease.

Curves in all the right places...

I also love the texture of the gloss itself. It’s nice and thick, but not too sticky, so it sits toit but won’t ‘grab’ your hair should it fly in your face – perfect for Cape Town chicas, what with all these hideous, hair wreckin’ gales we’ve had of late… Colour-wise, I like that it imparts a nice whack of hue, much like a lippie, but with all the sexy shine of a gloss.

Now check out the fabulousness that is Imaginaire, a pretty medium pink with a touch of peach shot through with micro-fine gold sparkle. The gold shimmer is so slight, in fact, that you don’t catch it unless you lay it on thick. Still, its enough to impart a luscious glow to your lips.

Shot with flash...
...and shot without flash ('cos I'm tres scientific and anal when it comes to testing shizz. And I take my gloss v. v. seriously...)
You can also check it out on my lippies - where it belongs... forever...

Next time you’re in store, be sure to go play with these babies at the Chanel counter… and then just try to walk away without one… I dare you!

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