Sneak peek/sniff at Guerlain Idylle Duet

The other day I popped into Prestige Cosmetics’ offices to pick up a few press releases and got to get a sneaky sniff of the new, soon-to-be launched flanker to their Idylle perfume – Guerlain Idylle Duet.

Rose lover? Guerlain's got a little something for ya...

If you’re an Idylle fan, you’ll know the scent is all about romance… and this new edition should also sweep you off your feet with it’s beautiful Bulgarian rose and Indonesian patchouli top notes.

According to it’s creators, it was inspired by Les Nuit d’ete, a cycle of six melodies written by Hector Berlioz. (Don’t worry, I have no idea who he is either…) When I sniff it, however, it makes me think of dreamy, candlelit dinners; antique lace; and pretty vintage gloves kissed by a delicate waft of incense. I reckon if you like slightly powdery, rosy scents like Bulgari Rose Essential and Stella McCartney Stella Rose Absolu, this could be a new favourite.

Want it? It hits the shelves on the 15th of Feb, just in time to serve as a lovely post-Valentine’s day surprise. (Or, if you’re my boyfriend, a wonderful way to say ‘Jissus, I’m, like, sooo sorry I stuffed up and bought you something practical again, but we really did need that non-stick pan/ironing board/smoothie maker…’)

Love, love


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