Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait De Gloss

Looky looky…

I got a nice, big bag of pretty press releases from Prestige Cosmetics last week. (Nothing gets my heart racing like a whopload of inside info regarding new and exciting beauty products!)

The most beautifully designed of the bunch, however, is Chanel’s regarding their new Rouge Allure Extrait De Gloss, R325,00. (Most companies just e-mail or print out a little A4 write up on their new goodies, but not Chanel. Oh no… They create an ultra glossy ‘look book’! You should have seen how the designers sitting around me at my office reacted when I showed it off, fawning and cooing over it’s use of ‘spot varnish’ and a ‘laser cut logo…’)

Check it out:

A beautiful black and white box opens up to reveal...
... a zexy red perspex bookie. See that logo? It's 'laser cut', girls. Oh yeah...
They've even embossed the double C's on the pages inside!

Anyhoo, now that I’ve finished rambling on about the ‘book’, let me tell you about the gloss itself… It’s Chanel’s newest, most sexy-looking lip polisher packaged in a tube you’ll want to whip out of your handbag and accidentally ‘drop’ onto the cocktail bar, leaving a flurry of envious ‘OMG! Where’d you get that?”s in it’s wake. I also like that it’s nice and heavy because when you hold it because it feels more like a luxurious precious object as opposed to a mere lippie.

CHANEL Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss. Also known as envy in a tube...

See? It’s tube is jet black – so you don’t have to watch your tube get less new or fabby-looking as the gloss gets used up. (My favourite color is Imaginaire, a high shine, jelly-like bright pink). I also like that it’s deliciously moisturising and enhances the curvature of your lips in a luxe, non-tacky ‘hug’. Naturally, it’s got that lovely Chanel scent – a gentle hint of rose.

Christmas is round the corner girls – make sure one of these is on your wish list. 😉


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