It’s been a looooong summer

I’m currently working on Woolworths’ summer campaign… for 20-freaken-12! Things are getting a bit intense at work ‘cos we’ve got to present a Big Idea on Wednesday next week and right now we’ve only got a bunch of little ideas that need seriyas cultivating…

Anyhoo, due to all the champagne addled parties genius campaign ideas I have to dream up at night, I sometimes pass out at my desk take the odd power nap. Usually, the people around me are too caught up in a frenzy of wek to notice, but this afternoon our creative director, Jane, caught me, snapped a piccie and e-mailed it to our team who are now taking the piss…

'But this is how I think up my most fantastical Loerie-garnering ideas! Really, I promise...'

Check out art director Suaad in the background. You can see she’s feeling the summer crunch too, hunching over her Mac like a desk zombie.

At least now you know why my industry’s awash with mindless sex, drugs and binge drinking – it compensates for days like this… Β ;-P

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Editor of South African beauty blog Lipgloss is my Life.

2 thoughts on “It’s been a looooong summer

  1. vomit in my mouth! (that pic makes me look like a washed out old crone!) No more ingesting of Ina Parman’s Potatoe Spice like tik Leigh!!!! It goes straight to the cankles.

  2. Oh! My! God! That was suuuuch a low blow… MOUSE FACE! Might have to post that piccie of you and Wassie doing your lesbo tongue wrestling move at last year’s Loeries… Or eat every single wasabi rice cake in your snack drawer… Oh, wait… I’ve done that already… My bad! ;-P

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