BOSS Black spring/summer 2011 fashion launch

This Saturday, my friend Paige and I attended a fabulous little garden party to showcase BOSS Black’s Spring/Summer collection. (PR maven Galia Kerbel of Greater Than had called me in a tizz, needing an uber-glam venue that could host a good 500 peeps. Thus, because I’m a kind, generous and wonderful person, I didn’t think twice to let her use one of my castles in Nettleton Road, Camps Bay).

Nice, ne? The only reason I don’t live there anymore is ‘cos it didn’t have enough cupboard space to house all my rokkies

This is the pool-type thing where my unicorns used to frolic…

Anyway, after making a grand entrance…

Ta da bitches!

…one of the first peeps we ran into was Dax, he of ‘Relax with…’ fame.

Daxie-poo and Paige

We also hung out a bit with model boy/’custard slet‘ Stephen Friedman.

Stephen: I like custard and I can't deny...

The dude on the right is Mark Bland. He and I work at Jupiter together, although he’ll be leaving soon to follow his dream of becoming a chef. (FYI ladies: Mark spends his weekends doing triathlons, baking up a storm and raising money for little kids with cancer. Please take note of the fact that’s he’s single and ready to mingle…)

Anyhoo, the snacks were delish.I was particularly fond of the lemon butter prawns, as was Stephen.

That big man hand in the way belongs to Stephen. In this shot, he's on his EIGHTH prawn...

Upon going upstairs, I then enjoyed a nice, nostalgic moment on my old bed…

This is how I roll kids...

Herschelle Gibbs was standing a few feet away from me on the balcony when this pic was snapped. In retrospect I should’ve grabbed him for the shot. Can you imaging the traffic I’d get with an attention-seeking headline like ‘In the sack at BOSS Black with Meneer Gibbs!’ Hee hee…

Other sterretjies where there, of course… (Galia is tres connected…) Peeps like Arno Carstens.

Bubblegum on my stilettos, ek se.

Just so you know, his favourite scent is some uber-fancy French thing that I can’t pronounce…

Moi: Tell me, what’s your favourite scent?

Arno: Dfghdklfgjhdkj

Moi: Jissus. What’s that?

Arno: Dfkgjhdkgj!!!

Moi: Did you say drtyuroipt?

Arno: Now man! It’s dfgdg…

Melanie, his hot wife/manager eventually stepped in, saying something like ‘For heaven’s sake, just tell her you like that other one… Gucci Envy!!!’

So, there you have it. Rock gods smell like Gucci. 😉

I also caught up with Guiseppe Russo, editor of One Small Seed. I used to write for the mag back in the day and yes, I’m like totally awesome… ;-P

Please ignore G’s hectique sunburn. He really is one of the more gorgeous boys I know. And you should hear his sexy Italian accent…

Right now, he’s v. busy launching a new online magazine called Picture This, a spot devoted purely to great piccies.

I also met an interesting friend of his, Sam Norval. He’s a hot shot photographer from New York and has snapped the likes of Clint Eastwood and Angelina Jolie. Naturally, I pumped him for as much celeb skinner as I could and can tell you all this: it’s not a rumour, all that shizz about J. Lo wanting all white rooms with a zillion white lillies etc. She IS the most demanding little diva. As for Brad Pitt, he’s one of the most laid back, nicest guys you could ever meet. ‘His cousin came along to the shoot and told me how it doesn’t get more down to earth than Brad’, said Sam. ‘Brad’s the guy who spends his free time on set playing poker with the grips..’

Speaking of hotties – look who I ran into? Ex-Mr SA finalist and Heat calendar hottie, Jeff ‘the bod god’ Tsoutsos.

I love hot boys just as much as I love make-up. And shoes! And chocolate covered raisins...

Yonks back, Cosmo had him come round to my flat other castle and demonstrate a striptease to help me write a little piece for guys, teaching them how to strip off to Ricky Martin’s She Bangs. (Hard work, hey?) Jeff tells me he now has a new lifestyle clothing brand, DRanged. If you like Diesel, DRanged will be just up your street.

Lovely Lee-Anne Summer’s was there too. (Paige was hypnotised by her gorgeous hair and just this morning came over to my desk to say, ‘You now, I still can’t get over that chick’s hair. I can’t believe it’s real!’)

Lee-Anne says she gets this a lot and often has to tug at her roots to prove to peeps that her ‘do is all her own. ‘It’s actually dead straight… I use one of those cordless barrel hot brushes and just wrap it around loosely to make a curl’, she says. ‘You don’t need a special, fancy one or anything, you can buy it at Dis-Chem’.

Another gorgeous guest? Model of the moment Charlbi Dean Kriek.

Charlbi and her total sweetheart boyfriend.

Love her earrings. Totally regret not finding out where they were from.

Charlbi’s top beauty tips? ‘Being in love’ and owning ‘a great electric toothbrush’. (I know, I know… I’m sickened by her natural beauty. I dream of another lifetime where all I needed was a toothbrush to get my hotness on every day…) ;-P

It was round about now that the fashion show started up and the crowd got treated to a stream of BOSS Black-clad models strutting down the garden runway. The theme was ‘summer seascape’, but I thought it was more plain old ‘flip, how gorgeous are these clothes? Must slap one of their rokkies on my wishlist…’ To check out the full collection, visit their website,

Afterwards, I caught up with Isabella and her darling boyf, actor Porteus Xanadu. He’s got a role in a new ‘musical movie’ called Liefling. It’s going to be HUGE, kinda like the Afrikaans Mamma Mia!

Isabella de Villiers, Kelly Parkhurst and Porteus Xanadu

Schmoozing and boozing accomplished, Paige and I said our goodbyes. However, to get to the zexy BOSS branded Audi’s that were shuttling us back to our cars, we had to make our way down a good four flights of stairs in utter darkness. (The lights had blown or something…) While clinging to the walls on my descent, I realised I was behind a guy with a head that was much the same shape as All Access’ Mark Bayley. ‘Brill!’, I thought. ‘I can grab one more quote…’ Alas, I was suffering from serious alcoholism brain fade and could not for the life of me remember his name. Thus, I just blurted out: ‘Hey, are you, like, a famous person by any chance?’

Dude: Not in this country…

Oooh! You can just imagine how excited the journo in me got…

Me: What?! Where are you from?

Dude: Denmark. I’m a model.

Me: That’s fantastic! I got terrible model shots – they were moving so fast on the ramp. I’d love to take a snap of you… would you mind? It’s for my blog…

Thus, I semi-shoved him up against a wall with darling Paige and snapped the shot, saying ‘I hope you’re reallly good looking!’ (At this point, I still couldn’t tell, what with the pitch blackness and all…) Then, the flash snapped, illuminating his unbelievable hotness.

‘Oh my God, you’re absolutely gorgeous!’, I yelped… before falling over backwards down the stairs, my ankle twisting at an evil, unnatural little angle as I landed on it. Tres embarrassing…

Immediately, Paige was like ‘OMG, are you okay?!’ Model dude, however, just sighed and cooly stepped over my crumpled bod, muttering ‘God, I really have to pee…’ And just like that, he was gone.


Thus, I bring you the ultra hottie we’ve now dubbed the Danish Douche.

P and Danish D.

How gorgeous is this boy? He looks like he’s made of wax! Despite his aforementioned douche-ness, I’d still totally shag him… but I wouldn’t trust him to babysit my cat. 😉

Later girls,



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  1. haha cant believe i never saw this post!!!
    pop on every once in a while- which is a best odd considering its about beauty mostly but i digress!

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