More info on The Body Shop’s Stop Sex Trafficking campaign

Hello again my lovelies

Have you remembered to help out The Body Shop with their Stop Sex Trafficking campaign yet?
To find out what you can do, click here.

While visiting The Beauty Bulletin the other day, the girls showed me a rad little flick they’re putting together to help the cause and asked if they could grab a snippet of me signing the petition while rocking a seriyasly yellow ‘Stop Sex Trafficking’ tee.

See this hand cream? It's yours for fifty bucks and all the proceeds go to the cause.
This pic I just plakked up 'cos my arms look really good in it. Hee hee! (Don't worry, Cyndi - a colleague who's reading this over my shoulder - has already scolded me for my disgusting vanity...) ;-P

I even had a little line to say: ‘I am NOT for sale!’

Have no clue whether this will be used or not… it could well end up on the cutting room floor… but if I get my golden yellow moment in the sun, I can legitimately say that I made a movie with sterre like the lovely Liezel van der Westhuizen. Sure, it’s only a miniscule bit part cameo, but who knows… today I’m the online media equivalent of the kid playing the ‘tree’ in the background of the school play, but tomorrow, I could be the next Meryl Streep! ;-P


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