Hanging out with the Beauty Bulletin

Do you girls ever check out Beauty Bulletin? (Shame on you if you’re going ‘huh?’… Every make-up obsessed chica worth her salt knows the site…)

I popped into their offices the other day to say hello. Was lovely to hang out with like-minded peeps and we’ll soon be sharing content. Woo hoo!

Now take a look at their beauty room… you’ll die a thousand glamtastic little deaths…

This is just one of their cosmetics drawers – it’s pretty much BULGING with beauty!

You know that music they play when you enter the pearly gates? This is the soundtrack to this shot...

The bottom draw is all about perfume…

Ooh, what's wrapped up in that pretty gold paper? Wish I'd taken a peek...

The top contains a zexy pick-a-mix of enough make-up to send me into a fab cosmetic-induced fit!

See those purple lidded numbers? That's L'Oreal's new Matte Morphose foundation. It's fab!

I also took a shot of their skin care drawer, but it came out too blurry. (Or perhaps my hands had started shaking by then, what with all that Decleor and Dior just lying in a big fat pile of ‘I love you, please take me home-ness…’)

Lori, one of the Bulletin’s founders, is also a make-up artist and sponsored by quirky beauty brand Benefit. Just LOOK at the enormous box of their goodies they gave her.

Lori displaying the 'benefits' of working with Benefit...

She’s sooo Harry casual about it with a vibe that’s all ‘oh, this old thing?’… ‘Doesn’t every girl have half their body weight in cult cosmetics stuck under their bed?’… At was at this point that I began to absolutely REEK of envy – and I’m not talking about the Calvin Klein fragrance…

Anyway, just before I was about to bludgeon the girls with a piece of office furniture and run away with all their beauty loot, they decided to give me a nice, whackload of nail polishes to test. This helped assuage my brief fit of ‘But where’s myyy massive crate a la Benefit?!!!’ and I look forward to giving them all a nice test drive.

Kerri, another BB Girl, is busy testing about a zillion as I type. Check out her hands!

Quite like that pale, bird's egg blue...

Anyway, just thought I’d keep you in the loop (and let you know where it’s totally worth getting arrested for breaking and entering…)

Love, love


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Editor of South African beauty blog Lipgloss is my Life.

One thought on “Hanging out with the Beauty Bulletin

  1. i looooovvveeee makeup….i would really like to win some hampers. I am doing my sister’s makeup and a few of her friend’s makeup whenever there is a modelling compettion of fashion show

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