Shameless self-promoting punt

I never get tired of seeing my name in print.

This mo, I’m most proud of the sexy story I have in Cosmopolitan. It’s called Summer Lovin’ – a naughty little checklist of things to do with your man before the sunny season’s end. (The most squeal-inducing idea actually came from my friend Kele at Women24. It involves melting yummy marshmallows over a campfire, letting them cool and then slipping them on your…

Hmm… On second thought, maybe you should just buy the mag to find out. ;-).

Lovin' my bling, y'all?

You can pick from two covers – one featuring Charlbi Dean Kriek and the other Tanit Phoenix. (I’ve got the Charlbi cover, but only ‘cos it was the most convenient to grab. I think Tanit looks just as gorgeous and actually rallied like a demon child to make her the poster child of Woolies’ hot new underwear line, Distractions. Reckon that turned out beautifully).

This old thing? I just pulled it out the back of my cupboard...

Love, love


P.S. Kel – they actually printed it! I owe you a drink!

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Editor of South African beauty blog Lipgloss is my Life.

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