Philip Kingsley scalp toner

Have you girls heard about Philip Kingsley? He’s a UK-based trichologist known as the ‘hair doctor’ and has worked his magic on big name celebs like Jerry Hall, Kate Winslet and Renee Zellweger.

Oh Phil, you had me at Elasticizer...

He’s also got his own haircare line and right now everybody seems to be talking about his award-winning Elasticiser – apparently it’s the shizz for dry, damaged hair.

His PR peeps where nice enough to send me a Philip Kingsley Scalp Toner for Flaky/Itchy scalps (R200,00 available at selected Woolies and fancy pants chemists) the other day. It’s gotten rave reviews online because, aside from fighting the flakes, it also helps get the blood flowing to your scalp,  stimulating hair growth). It’s also got mildly astringent qualities – so your hair gets less oily.

Check it out:

Dry scalp? I'm your new BBF. I look rad, so I won't embarrass you in the shower and I smell clean and fresh - like a hot surferboy fresh from the sea!

As I don’t have a dry scalp, I’ve handed it over to one of the big bosses at my work who does. She’s excited to give it a bash and, as soon as I have her feedback, I’ll let you know her thoughts.


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