Behind the scenes hair info from MAC’s Tartan Tale launch

Guess who got in touch? Candice, the gorgeous model with the crazy-awesome hair do from the MAC Tartan Tale launch! 

Get a load of this: 

Crazy 'fro' you...
Big primping...

Candice says that the shots were taken by her little sis after the event. Alas, the actually Tartan Tale make-up had already been wiped off when she snapped the pics, but now you can get an up close and personal look at the hair.

It’s a total showstopper!!!

D'ya think my hair make my head look big?

In regards to getting it that way, Candice says it was a real ‘process’, executed by hairstylist Bianca at Frank Fowden in the Waterfront.

‘She (Bianca) had a very intricate brief from the team in New York. Apparently there it took 5 hours to do the hair. They did mine in 2 and a half. Must confess though she did have a few extra hands that helped.’

‘I arrived with my almost waist length hair just blow-dried. She then crimped my hair. I have soooo much hair so this took super long. Then she combed through the crimped hair and it went poof! Then she back combed for like an hour (not fun) and divided it into sections. With the help of many clips and loads of hairspray, she got it to stand up very straight. She plaited two side bits and attached a metre-high headpiece (very heavy). She also had to make a plan with my fringe as it was not to be part of the look. I did not have one hairpiece in my hair… it was all my own… although none of the MAC girls would believe that’.

‘When I got home around 8pm we took some pics and started to undo the gazillion knots from the backcombing. I used up a full bottle of conditioner and my sister and I sat till one undoing it. WHAT A MISSION!!! I had to wet it in the process because it was just too big’.

Boy's dig it...

Can you BELIEVE it?

Apparently Candice has to get this done to her hair three more times for different Tartan Tale launches. Sjoe!

This is what our Tartan Tale temptress looks like when she’s not rockin’ the ‘fro.

Seriously mooi rooi

Candace – you’re gorgeous and make terrifyingly tall, ultra pimped out hair look absolutely beautiful. Here’s hoping you’ve got a seriously awesome detangling conditioner at hand.

Big kiss,



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