Cars that make you more beautiful?

My awesome ex boss, Abby, who used to crack the whip on me at Clicks ClubCard magazine, just can’t seem to keep away from pharmacy affiliated mags. Since emigrating to Australia, she’s hooked up with National Pharmacies, which is like the Clicks of Oz, and now edits the company’s mag. 

Apparently, there’s a bit of a lack of beauty writers downunder (sucks for them, fab for me!), causing her to comission me a story about iconic beauty brands celebrating big deal anniversaries in 2011. (This ties in with the fact that the pharmacy is turning a cool 100 years old).

Anyhoo, I’ve literally just finished whipping up the piece (phew! deadline done and dusted) and have learned some pretty interesting beauty related shizz. For instance, did you know that Max Factor invented lip gloss? (Might have to name my first born Max or something as an homage…) 

The most interesting factoid I gleaned, however, is this: Nissan is planning on launching a ‘beauty car’ sometime late next year. Apparently, the next generation of the Nissan Leaf will spray a fine mist of vitamin C into the air via the aircon. This is to assist in the prevention of evil wrinkles and skin damage while keeping you fit as a fiddle Corenza-style. 

Nice Nissan… v. nice. (Leigh rubs hands together in anticipation…) Where do I sign up?


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