Can a Brazilian blow out cause cancer?

Oh dear.

If you’re thinking about getting a Brazilian blowout, you might want to take a rain check. I’ve just read online about the state of California is now suing the company because it failed to tell peeps it contains v. not cool levels of formaldehyde, a toxic chemical linked to cancer.

Now, some salons are offering their customers the option of wearing a gas mask during their treatment. Can you BELIEVE it? If my salon offered me a gas mask with my tea, I’d freakin’ run for the hills!

Anyhoo, the lawsuit is based on the fact that BB is selling it’s hair solution based on false claims (they said it was ‘safe’ and ‘formaldehydre-free’) and that they violated prop 65, a law that requires companies to warn consumers about cancer-causing chemicals.

Of course, the company’s CEO is sticking to his guns, saying it’s perfectly safe. But I dunno so much… For now, I reckon I’ll be sticking with Marc Anthony Style Straight Instant Straightening Cream. It’s cheap (less than R90 bucks), you can buy it in supermarkets and it works like a bomb.

Stubborn curls? Sorry for you...


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