Return of the MAC?

Was crawling around Canal Walk Dischem this avie and stumbled upon Revlon’s new lipgloss – Revlon Lipsheen Gloss, R74,99.

Sjoh! If I was boozed up in a club – or even just distracted in a restaurant – and a gal pal passed me some of this, I’d swear it was MAC Lipglass. The packaging is pretty much identical – and even the applicator is exactly the same.

Revlon Lipsheen in Spicy Cinnamon

I slicked on a shade called Strawberry, a mid-tone pink with a little razzle in it, and hit up the mall, interested to see how it ‘wore’. Would it have the same stuck-on-your-mug-forever ‘tackiness’ a la my fave MAC glossies? Or would it slide off my mouth within minutes. Somehow, I was expecting the latter, as many of Revlon’s previous gloss offerings have lacked in the staying power department (Super Lustrous anyone?)

Happily, this baby stuck around leaving me tres impressed. I really do hope this line becomes a staple and gets expanded on.

(Cheap) glossy kisses,



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Editor of South African beauty blog Lipgloss is my Life.

One thought on “Return of the MAC?

  1. thanks for the reply, I did a random search for beauty blogs and yours just came up :). I’ll put you on my blog roll for defo, keep them coming.

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