Hello girls!

Oooh, my very first post! 

Last month, I officially wrapped up my beauty editing gig at www.women24.com. As sad as it is to say goodbye to all the lovely chicas who work there (and the big, fat beauty cupboard), I’m excited about starting my very own beauty blog. 

That and completely terrified. Despite being practically married to an IT guy, I’m embarrassingly kak with anything too ‘techy’, so getting this up and running is going to be a bit of a challenge. (I was asked earlier if I wanted to add a ‘blog roll’… What on earth is a blog roll? It sounds like bloody loo paper!)

Still, if there’s one thing I do know and am absolutely passionate about, it’s beauty. And I’m more than ready to spill all the ‘beauty secrets’ I’ve learned while working in this glamtastic little industry as well as wring out my whole contact book to bring you the low down on exciting new products, personal reviews, celeb interviews and more.

Keep an eye on this space – I’m going to fill it up with fabulousness!  

Love, love



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