Go Cindy!

Have you girls seen Cindy Nell on the cover of YOU magazine this week?

Cindy looking relaxed yet glam.

I think she looks absolutely gorgeous, but then again I’m a bit biased ‘cos I really like her. Every time I’ve interviewed her, I’ve always been struck by how warm and friendly she is. She’s also a journo’s dream in that has absolutely zero mouth-filter.

I once asked her to relay her ‘best sex advice’ for a story I was writing for Cosmo. Most of the other celebs I spoke to gave me the same old shizz… telling me that confidence was key – both in life and between the sheets – and didn’t dare elaborate any further. Dear ol’ Cindle Pins, however, didn’t hesitate to give me a v. graphic ‘step by step’ of a lap dance that began with knocking back a stiff drink and ended with a (ahem) happy finish! 

Love that the girl’s got guts. (And a hubby that clearly won’t be going anywhere fast…) I also love her product – Caribbean Tan. Did you know that she’s not just the face of the brand? She actually OWNS the company.  

Cindy – if you ever stop churning out Caribbean Tan ‘Tan in Can’ aerosol spray, R89,95, I might as well just jump off of Lion’s Head right now… 

Girls – visit www.caribbeantan.co.za to check out her range. The packaging’s gotten a nice, little face lift.


2 thoughts on “Go Cindy!

  1. Hi Leigh! I recently discovered your blog and love checking in every now and again to see what news you’ve got. I decided to go waaaaaay back and check out some of your older posts and I just had to drop a line on this one and let you know that it gave me a few chuckles 😀 For that, I wanted to say thank you! I love your style of writing and it’s so awesome to see you’ve been this way on your blog from the very beginning!

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