My doggies are LOVING Gizzls CDB oil-infused treats for pets and you could win some too!

Gizzy is my friend Jax’s beloved cat, a gloriously fluffy Maine Coon. A few years back, he started withering away and was soon diagnosed with stage 2/3 chronic kidney disease. Jax was devastated but refused to accept that Giz might have to go. As a result, she went into Crazy Person Research Mode and eventually took a deep dive into the world of CBD oil for pets. After learning about the benefits – scientifically proven, not just anecdotal – she started treating Giz with CBD oil and watched as he made a big recovery that even surprised the vet. Like for real. At one point this cat weighed 3,1kg and I totally thought that was going to be the end but he’s now a healthy 5,5kg and living his best life out in the burbs!

Brace yourself for an onslaught of pics of my doggies.

Anyway, if my friend’s experience with Giz taught her one thing, it was this – chasing after a cat with a dropper bottle is the freakin’ pits. So was trying to hide it in food that Gizzy already didn’t want to eat. As a result, an idea was born. Now, she’s the proud creator of Gizzls Treats – great-tasting, full-spectrum CBD oil-infused treats specially formulated for cats with kidney disease. (If you have a CKD kitty, you’ll know that have special needs  – less protein, salt and phosphorus but increased omega-3s.) These have done so well that she’s since expanded to offer Gizzls Treats for dogs.

That tongue!

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I have two fur siblings that live in Port Elizabeth with my folks. Both Scu and Tig have hip dysplasia, abnormally-shaped hip sockets that can result in stiff, sore joints. As a result, my mom’s got them on a strict diet to keep their weight down so there’s less pressure on their joints. They also take vet-prescribed meds and supplements and go for a host of treatments that include acupuncture, laser treatment and physical therapy. For the most part, their condition is very well managed, but every now and again I’ll spot one of them hopping on three legs instead of four or struggling to get off the bed.

The faces to which I can never say no.

Happily, this is where Gizzls Treats come in. Giving my dogs their medicine is an absolute chore. Pills have to be hidden in wet food. The glucosamine needs to be incorporated into gravy. Gizzls Treats, however, is the one supplement they go absolutely mental for and that’s a good thing. Just a few of the benefits include reducing inflammation, dampening the brain’s pain signals and soothing stress. (For the record, Gizzls Treats contain trace amounts of THC so they won’t get your pet high but will work like a bomb. Dogs have more cannabinoid receptors in their brains than any other animal, including humans!)

Love you, Scu!

Want to try Gizzls Treats for yourself? You can order them online here. Better yet, you could win a little hamper worth R450. Entering is super easy. Simply tell me why your fur-friends are the living bestest in the comments section below.

Love, love


This comp closes at 5pm on 7 February 2020 and is open to South African residents only. Keep an eye on my social media accounts for ways to enter there too. I’m @lipglossgirl on twitter and @lipglossgirlxoxo on Instagram.

Gimme gimme!

20 thoughts on “My doggies are LOVING Gizzls CDB oil-infused treats for pets and you could win some too!

  1. Aw man my Maine Coon died of Kidney failure, I wish I had had this then. This would be amazing for my doggies now. xx

  2. We have a Labrador named Utah who is my sons Autism Support Dog. HE tends to eat everything in sight no matter we try to keep anything edible and even inedible out of his reach he still tends to sniff it out! He tends to have digestion problems because of this and ive been wracking my brain to figure out a natural solution to help him. I cant believe i havent thought of CBD oil! I use it on my daughter who also has autism and the benefits have been amazing.However Utah is not a dog for meds and at 45kg it wont be an easy task to wrestle him down and use a dropper so these would be perfect.

    1. Utah is such a cute name for a lab 🙂 Glad to here you’ve found something to help your daughter. My aunt passed away from cancer but CBD oil made a huge difference in keeping her more comfortable towards the end. I know it works.

  3. I adopted my boy Bagy going on 5 years ago this month. I found out after I adopted him that the rescue was very worried about the chances of him being adopted because he was a) an old dog (7 years old then), b) black, and c) a cross breed (boston terrier x staffie)
    so you can only imagine how lucky I was when he joined my little family. He’s a little out of proportion with the staffie body and a small bostie head, but I can tell you, a week after he came home, my boy blossomed. he was no longer angry at boys (makes one of us), I could give him all the love (may be regretting that now because he likes to think he’s lapdog size), and oh my gosh, is my boy just the biggest social butterfly ever. he is my gentle giant-ish, but his hips (thanks weirdly shaped body) I’ve noticed how hopping up and down the sidewalk he struggles… but put him near a dam… the seal in him just flourishes. Bagy deserves all the pain free park time in the world

    1. Both my doggies are rescues and the little one, Tig, was very shy and skittish at first, having been abused when she was young. It took lots of love but now she’s the bounciest, happiest little girl around. Nothing more healing than love, as you know. So glad Bagy has found a forever home with you 🙂

  4. My female Rottweiler, Cody, died two days after Christmas; she was 11 years old. She died of a growth that eventually caught up to her. My heart is still sore to this very day and I am struggling to do life without her. I still have another Rotti, his name is Dub and he is almost 10 years old. He is lonely without Cody now and he LOVES treats and these treats will be a balm to his little broken heart.

  5. These sound like an amazing product. My 16 year old dog Tweety (as a pup she would eat the left over bird seeds thrown on the lawn when we cleaned out the bird cage so we named her after Tweety bird 😀 ) has a bad back and back legs due to arthritis. Very keen to try these treats out and see if it helps her get around a bit easier. My 12 year old cat Grizwald was also diagnosed with kidney problems a few weeks ago so we are trying to figure out how to get him the best food and meds so that he won’t have to go through such pain again. These Gizzls Treats sound perfect for him! We sadly lost our cat Tigs 10 years ago to kidney failure so this happening again is a nightmare. Seeing our fur babies in pain is the worst and them not being able to communicate with us and tell us what’s wrong is so hard. But they are still such characters and our old girl Tweets still gets the zoomies every now and again and it’s so exciting to see. We are so lucky to have them.

  6. My furbabies en ek het 3 girls is the bestest…laat my lag met hulle lawwegeid,hulle gee oneindig baie liefde elke minuut van die dag,gee drukkies as ek sad is,hulle my skaduwees volg my oral,pas my op..hulle is kos vir my siel
    Lief hulle verskriklik baie

  7. We have a miniature schnauzer who was rehomed with us after her previous owner passed away… She was very anxious in the beginning but with loads of love has settled well in her new home, and claimed her sleeping spot on our bed. She still gets a bit nervous and shaky when we have visitors, so I’d be interested to see whether cbd would help!

    1. Agnes-Marie is a BEAUTIFUL “Scottish Fold” who we think has parents that may or may not be related more than once, as in if they get divorced they’ll still be brother and sister which is great for family relations, not so great for offspring…
      She was recently diagnosed with dodgy kidneys and arthritis in her elbows *sad face* and although she’s feeling a lot better after a change in diet and maintenance injections at her AMAZING vet she could maybe do with a little pick me up?

  8. Oh wow This is what I need for my doggos, They are rescued Boarder Collies that where used for breeding. We have had them for just over a year. Rex my big boy is such a scardie cat petrified of noise and always anxious . Cassie is a chubby little girl who loves cuddles. she is starting to battle with the jumping and walking. I love them to pieces and would love to try them of this. Thank-you so much for the information you are my super star!!

  9. Bowie has been suffering with arthritis since he was diagnosed about 4 years ago, lately his ‘sexy leg’ as I call it has been giving my little man such issues. I honestly relocated to CT to allow him his best life that includes giving him stuff to manage pain. I would love to explore the product to see if it would allow for my main man the life that he really does deserve. x

  10. My Maximus McNibbles is a 3year old English bulldog who was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia a few months ago. Because of the general shorter lifespan of bulldogs and the high cost, a full hip replacement was not recommended. Instead he received a femoral head ostectomy and he had to have his cruciate ligament repaired in one of his back legs.
    After months of physiotherapy he is doing okay but there is always the possibility that he needs another surgery on his other leg. This might just be the thing we need to help him manage !

  11. These treats sound awesome! I’ve been considering CBD oil for my old boy, Nero, but have been a bit hesitant, not knowing whether it will gel well with his current meds. Your article really did a good job of highlighting the compatibility with other meds.
    My old boy is a huge German Shepherd, going on 14years old now. He’s been in amazing shape until last year, when the arthritis really knocked him down – literally! The winter months really took it out of him, but he’s the most charming, gentle-ist of giants, with a heart as big as his bark. Can’t wait to get him some of these treats!

  12. I have a golden retriever and a labrador called Rupert and Ziggy. They are the sweetest doggos who love cuddles, tennis balls and digging holes to lie in (why?!) Ziggy is really struggling with her hips, and I was hoping CBD might help her feel more comfortable. Crossing fingers 🙂 x

  13. We moved into my in-laws townhouse, when they moved out… And including the piano, we also inherited Roxy, a pocket Yorkie with seperation anxiety. It was love at first sight 7 years ago, so when they asked if I wanted to take her in last year, I jumped at the chance. She’s the sweetest soul who just wants to be able to see the person she loves at all times, and I’m totally here for it. She’s turning 10 in April, and with age comes aches and pains as well. I had to have her teeth pulled, due to the in-laws not knowing how to look after a small breed and I notice her bladder is going slowly as well as her hips. She’s such a spunky little granny, and I would love to try Grizzls treats in the hopes it will calm her anxiety a bit, so she can be a more chilled geriatric

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