Review: Cetaphil Gentle Skin cleansing cloths

If you follow me on social media (I’m @lipglossgirl on twitter and @lipglossgirlxoxo on Instagram) you’ll know I ran off to Mexico the other day. Cancun to be exact. Also, I went all by myself! I know it sounds impulsive and crazy but, really, this was years in the making. Some time soon, when I’ve got time, I’ll create a post about it.

Can you believe there's no filter on this piccie?
I snapped this on Isla Mujeres’ North Beach. It’s a short 20 minute ferry ride from Cancun. Can you believe there’s no filter on this pic?

Anyway, having done several tropical island holidays (they’re my favourite type) I knew exactly what products I’d be throwing into my travel bag and one of the most important was facial cleansing wipes, specifically Cetaphil Gentle Skin cleansing cloths (R89,95, Dis-Chem).

Hello friends!

Due to the fact that I had no idea I needed a transit visa to spend two hours in Atlanta’s airport, my flight got re-routed at the last-minute which meant an awesome 44 hours of travel time. During this particularly horrid period of my life Cetaphil’s wipes became my BFF. I used them to cleanse my face on each flight, wipe down each plane’s germ-riddled tray tables and remote controls and enjoy a very sad sponge bath of sorts in airport bathrooms.

As the wipes are infused with the same ultra-gentle, hydrating formula you’ll find in Cetaphil’s facial cleanser and don’t contain any drying, sensitising alcohol I managed to make it to the other side of the planet feeling somewhat clean with a face that hadn’t dried up like a prune. Can we get a yay?

But getting back to the alcohol – and I’m not talking about my resorts cocktail of the day. You’ll be surprised by how often you’ll find it, sometimes listed as ‘alcohol denat’, listed as an ingredient in cleansing wipes. Manufacturers like it because it helps your face dry faster after use but as it evaporates from your skin it takes a chunk of your own moisture with it. It’s also a top-notch sensitiser, something you’ll know about if you’ve ever used a facial wipe and felt it sting.

Each wipe is nice and thick so it doesn't fall apart after using it.
Each wipe is nice and thick so it doesn’t start to fall apart as you use it.

Anyway, let’s get back to Cancun. What an incredible trip! Words can’t describe the awesome. However, my skin would take yet more of a bashing thanks to a whopload of exposure to sun, sea, chlorine, cocktails and a blast of hotel room air con each night making me very grateful to have a set of wipes on hand that didn’t abuse my skin further. (Back in the day, when I didn’t know better, I’ve travelled with cheap ass make-up removal wipes, the kind that have contained both alcohol and ‘soothing/cooling’ menthol, ironically one of the worst and most irritating ingredients for your skin, and have felt the effects via dryness, redness and stinging.)

I was also thrilled to have the wipes in my beach bag as they gave me the opportunity to wipe down my super hot ski instructor after he got all dirtied up via a Holi fest-style colour party. (‘Gosh, I don’t know why but this green’s just not coming off your abs. Going to have to give you a serious going over here, hun…’)

Take me back to the beach!
Take me back to the beach!

But ja! In short, if you’re looking for a fab, skin-loving travel buddy know that Cetaphil’s facial cleansing cloths are regte little gems.

Love, love


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