I created a day AND night make-up look for just R1000 and have a R500 Clicks gift card you can win!

The other day Clicks gave me to a little challenge. Buy make-up to create TWO looks, one for day and another for night, using no more than R1000! Being a budget kweeeeeen, I didn’t hesitate to give it a bash, but I wanted to take it seriously. They have enough gloriously inexpensive brands (hello Essence!) and sale bins to come in under budget in a million way, but I didn’t want to pick out just anything ‘cos I’m a fussy cow. So, I mentally told myself my make-up bag had been nicked out my suitcase and I now had to buy only what I was prepared to use. As a result, I spent so freakin’ long in their store, swatching, re-calculating, taking, putting back, that I think their security guard thought I was a shoplifter. But, at the end of the day, I can now present you with two looks that I really like using make-up I’d be happy to keep.

So, without further ado, here’s the stash:

Ta da! Turns out R1000 can really stretch!


Wet n’ Wild Photofocus foundation in Soft Beige R99,95
Revolution Concealer conceal & define full coverage concealer and contour in C7 R104,95
The Body Shop All-In-One cheek colour in 03 Flushed R144
Smudge Pressed Powder Matte Finish in Translucent (Later, I wished I’d bought a darker colour, but they didn’t have stock.) R59,95
Revolution Flawless Ultra eyeshadows palette R220 (OMG!)
Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara (my fave drugstore mascara on the planet!) R159,95
Essence Step Into Magic colour changing lip balm R35,95

Essence Sun Club Matt bronzing powder in 01 Natural R79,95
Essence My Must Haves eyeshadow solo in 06 Raspberry Frosting (I like a darker, sparklier blush for night.) R34,95
Smudge Gel eyeliner in Black (okay, okay, I liked this so much I used it for day too!) R35,99
Essence Velvet Matte lipstick in 06 Unredsistible R49,95

TOTAL: R1025,59 (I stupidly bought TWO blushes, okay?! This could’ve been R881,59 if I hadn’t snapped up The Body Shop option.)

I was surprised by the quality vs cost of Wet n Wild’s Photofocus foundation. It’s a nice, lightweight pick that gives you a mooi veil, but doesn’t hide your skin away. So many women wear a heavy foundation and that can be really ageing, so next time you’re shopping consider using something lighter (coverage-wise) but ever so slightly warmer than your natural skin tone. When it’s sheer, you can get away with going a bit darker and it’s a great way to get a glow. You can then hide away anything you don’t want to show off with concealer.

The Smudge powder was my only regret as Translucent ended up being too pale for me. Great quality powder for a snip though!

As for the Revolution shadows, I was SOOOO impressed, you guys! The quality is brilliant and the shimmery shades are so highly pigmented and buttery that you can literally stroke a pale shade over a dark one and it still represents!

Even if I only use FIVE of those shades it’s still a steal. I can’t get over the fact that this is R220. I mean, WTF?!

I used the dark matte shades to fill my brows and that helped me save a bundle on brow powder. (Usually, I use Sorbet’s Take A Brow kit which I love.)

This is a gentle finger stroke sample. Trust me, you can REALLY pack ’em on if you want to.

When it came to blush I really struggled because I’m hooked on shimmery cool-toned pink and, bizarrely, I just couldn’t find it in store. I ended up getting The Body Shop’s All-In-One cheek colour in Flushed but worried it would be too pale on me (I need PINK and I want it to SHIMMER or I look lekker dood) so I bought an Essence solo shadow in Raspberry Frosting. I don’t know what kind of psycho would want to put it on their eyes but it made for a hella good blush.

The Body Shop up top and Essence down below. Similar, right?

Lippie-wise, I had to step away from my beloved Chinese shop mood lipstick and picked up an Essence Step Into Magic Wonderland colour changing lipbalm. Same, same, but different! For my night colour, I chose Essence Velvet Matte lipstick in 06 Unredsistible and I LOVE it! When I don’t have filler in my lips, my bottom one is naturally uneven so I don’t often wear brights because I don’t want to highlight the mismatch. When I’m all pumped up, however, this will be a go to. It’s such a beautiful shade and feels really comfy on your lips.

Essence’s balm on the left and lippie on the right.

Right! So are you ready to see the lewks? First up, we’ve got day…

Get that lekker gold sparkle going on in your inner corner, bokkie! Nobody has to know you were up all night binge-watching Animal Kingdom.

And this is night:

201907027262312895505742377 (1)

Do we like?!

Now, let’s get crack open that competition! I’m giving away a Clicks gift card worth R500 so you can go on your own little spree. Entering is easy. Use the comments section to tell me which of your make-up items is the one product you’d haaaate to replace with another. Like, imagine that everything your make-up bag was suddenly discontinued. Poof! GONE! What is the one product you’d be most upset about and why. I’d be super keen to know and don’t think I won’t go out and buy those product names that come up over and over again. If it’s awesome, I want to know about it!

Later, I’ll be opening the comp up to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so keep an eye out and… GOOD LUCK!

Love, love


This competition is now closed. Congratulations to winner Kitso Kodisang. 


81 thoughts on “I created a day AND night make-up look for just R1000 and have a R500 Clicks gift card you can win!

    1. Definitely my Yardley 24 hour stayfast foundation and my LA girl PRO conceal concealer in orange. The corrector helps me hide my dark circles and marks and foundation finishes the look that makes my skin look flawless.

  1. Tough one but I’d have to say my Wet n Wild Color Icon Blush Apricot its the perfect neutral but has a gorgeous gold sheen which just gives that extra bit of glow (dupe for Mac Warm Soul which I adore too but MUCH more affordable)!

    1. Wet n Wild Foundation, absolutely amazing product, 💖 love it!!! Haaaate to replace it with another product 🙄

  2. Estee Lauder double wear foundation, this is the most amazing foundation ever, it lasts for 12 hours, it never fades and it covers absolutely every single blotch or blemish without looking like I have paste on my face, it has the most awesome natural look and I would be so sad if they ever discontinued it. It is pricey but when you consider how little you use and how long it lasts, you actually end up saving a fortune.

    1. As a Unemployed Mom who can barely affort these Luxurious i honestly can not go without my Concealer,blush,eyeliner,blusher and Lipstick,Clicks is a very Affordable place to buy all your Beauty stuff,i would Love to Win this,i Wull be 50 on the 18th of July,and this will be a Spoil for me,it does not cost alot to look good.

  3. Oh my goodness… If my makeup bag was suddenly discontinued I would be most upset about the concealor! I can leave the house without any other make up but I NEED concealor! Currently I’m in LOVE with the Maybelline Instant Age Eraser one – it’s fab!

    1. I’d be gutted if they discontinued the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara. I love it so much – it just works for me!

  4. This post just made me realise I have no makeup routine…literally bare face everyday except on Sunday… can’t look like death at church 🙂 … the one product I would miss the most is my Labello.

    PS… Please do a post on simple everyday makeup to look put together and polished.

  5. Essence Sun Club Matt bronzing powder….
    Every girl I talk make up with, now owns one too… I preach this stuff…
    Always end up with a lil more on than I would normally because of the smell… I just can’t stop! But that’s okay because this stuff is sooo natural and always just seems to pull a look together and make a look look real and not too ‘poppie’. Love the texture and how I can use it till the end as it doesn’t crumble and become a mess. My days of being asked are you from England in the midst of summer (sooo pale) are now well behind me haha

  6. Eeek; I use an eye shadow for blush too!
    It’s the Essence 08 ‘coral me maybe…’ and it’s the perfect shade for me! I can’t find it again and I’m dreading trying to replace it!
    Also, my Catrice Glamdoll masacara…

  7. I would loose my shit if my Maybelline instant age rewinder concealer breaks. Actually I once did! That stuff is the real deal. I am prepared to go to war if someone steals it.

  8. Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer Noir
    It applies with great ease with a beautiful creamy texture ,its waterproof and long wearing. Love this Product to enhance my eyes and its perfect. ❤

  9. I would cry crocodile tears if I had to loose my Eco Tools powder brush. It was the first (and only) name brand brush I own. It makes any powder look amazing and helps me when I go crazy with blush just to blend it all in again.

  10. I would be so so so so so upset if lipstick had to go out. It’s my go to every single day. Without it I’m lost without it I feel super dull, MY school (teacher) babies don’t know me without it. It brightens up your day. You have a colour for every mood and season and it’s just very attractive

  11. I just found the Sorbet foundation and I’m loving it – I would hate to replace that right now. Everything else is replaceable as there are so many gorgeous alternatives available at the moment

  12. Garnier BB Cream! I ~need~ it when my skin feels subpar. Super simple but it smooths out your face and you can even tell yourself it isn’t foundation so it’s mostly just “you”!

  13. I cannot live without my Revolution foundation stick.😨 It is such a beautiful item. It gives me a flawless, healthy dewy look that I absolutely love. Has good wear time and is crazy affordable. Let’s just say, I was so impressed with it I bought 5. 😁

  14. If the Essence Lash Princess had to be discontinued I might be discontinued 🤣. I never wear falsies and this mascara does wonders for my natural lashes.

  15. Mac springsheen blush. Ride or die blush! It gives the right amount of glow and is buildable which I love!

  16. Max Factor False Lash Effect is still the best mascara I can’t do without. More amazing products from Clicks are Essence Brighten up banana powder which I use under my eyes- best thing ever, Ive got back ups! Wet n Wild liquid catsuit lipsticks are also fantastic, no weird lines on the lips! Maybeline matte liquid ink lipsticks stay on the whole day, literally. If I had to pick one item I can’t do without the Essence banana powder, I have never found another so light and good for under-eye area.

  17. Honestly I do not wear lots of makeup but I like a very good maskara and the ones from Essence are a very good cheap price good quality option 😉

  18. Mascara! I don’t wear a lot of makeup but no mascara and I look pale and ill! Essence range and Rimel range are both great for effect and budget.

  19. I would be absolutely devastated if I had to brave the day without my Inglot MW100 Foundation. This little beauty covers those pesky imperfections and fine lines. It also leaves my face with the perfect dewy complexion and it is soooo lightweight it barely feels like you are wearing any foundation at all!

  20. Having recently emigrated I have just run dry of my beloved Avon glimmerstick for eyes, a retractable eye liner. Often dirt cheap depending what special they have. I am getting my cousin to send 10 with my aunt. I cannot live without it. I use the colour plum which is a very subtle alternative to black and goes nicely with my green eyes.

  21. I use my sorbet BB cream everyday for a light coverage and it barely feels like I’m wearing make up.

  22. For me, it would be my badgal bang mascara from benefit. I love that mascara and it makes my lashes pop as I am not a fan of false lashes.

  23. The one product i cant live sothout is my Essence Concealer. Not only does it cover blemishes but i use it under my eyes to lighten those dark bags and i use it as an eyeshadow base coat!!! Works wonders!

  24. If Essence Lash Princess (False lash effect-green one) had to discontinue i think i would have a complete melt down! It’s the only mascara i’ve come across that doesn’t clump my lashes and gives the effect of wearing false lashes (I often get asked what lashes i’m wearing, “my own”) lol

  25. Garnier Skin Active BB Crème Anti-aging! Never changed from this product since I discovered it.

  26. I made that awful mistake of trying Maybelline foundation when I got it on sale sadly the normal price is way above my pay grade hahahahahaha. So I would definitely buy the Maybelline dream matte mousse and the essence mattyfying powder #clicksbeauty #clicksbeautyhaul #budgetbeauty #getinittowinit @seangoesnatural

  27. I am, literally, addicted to LipSano and start getting anxious when I’m down to the smear in the tub. That would be the biggest loss for me if my makeup bag disappeared #LowMaintenance #SlowLife

  28. Buying two blushes was not a waste at all, I would mix them or double up for eye shadow…. The rest is all good… In love with that lippie colors… I always feel intimidated choosing the right mascara, usually end up buying Maybelline or essence 🖤

  29. Honestly I would be devestated if I ran out of my Estee Lauder double wear foundation. That would just devastate me

  30. I would not survive without the Maybelline fit me foundation. I found my perfect shade and shall stick to it 🙂

  31. I would not survive without the Maybelline fit me foundation. I found my perfect shade and shall stick to it 🙂

  32. I can’t do without my Estee Lauder Double Wear Face powder which just re-launched again💙💙💙 i just love it💙💙💙

  33. I could not survive if my essence falsh lash mascara pulled a disappearance act on me.. ginger child needs her eyelashes long and dark

  34. I love both the looks Leigh, the night one is especially fab! I now have to get the Essence Velvet Matte lipstick in Unredsistible, the colour is amazing. I can’t live without my Smashbox Studio Skin foundation, I barely survived the 4 months when my shade was not available. Amazingly the Smashbox team managed to locate the very last bottle all the way in Richard’s Bay and had it sent to my nearest store in Durban. It’s my treasured makeup item and splurge. My Avon bronzing pearls is a close second as well, its the perfect mix of bronzes, golds and a little pink to add a natural glow.

  35. I can’t live without my essence lash princess mascara, without it I literally look like a 6yr old little girl.

  36. I can’t live without my essence princess lash mascara. Without it I look like a 6yr old little girl. Literally.

  37. My colour tattoo eyeshadow in on and on bronze. The best ever.
    Honourable mention to: wet & wild eyeshadow base & nutty eyeshadow single. L’Oreal infallible foundation. Essence make me brow.

    1. I would be super sad if my Garnier BB cream was discontinued! I love how moisturising it is and how well it applies. It’s great for days when I want a natural, minimal, ‘no makeup’ look. It’s also great as a primer under foundation 👌🏻 love it!!

  38. I am already having a really hard time trying out a foundation different from my clear favourite Maybelline 24Hr Full Coverage foundation 😑.
    Literally feel like I’ve wasted 💴 trying a different brand.

  39. I cannot live without my Avon purple eyeshadow palette…the darkest colour always finishes first so I get stressed if I don’t replace in time.

  40. Discontinued beloved make up is the story of my life. I am ridiculously pale (seriously, people see photos of me and think something happened to the flash) and it is really difficult to find foundation and concealer in my shade and when I do, the brand inevitably discountinues the line or my shade at some point and I have to start again. About a year ago I discovered Catrice Camouflage Cream in Anti-Red (it’s green and conceals spots, redness and all manner of sin that shows up on my ghostly skin) and it is perfect under foundation. …And they discontinued the Anti-Red. Luckily I snapped up the last few pots on sale at Dischem last year and I still have some in stock. When it is finished my face will be a tear-stained blotchy red and white mess.

  41. My Garnier BBC cream is my priority product. I will replace that first no matter what other cosmetic products I may need.

  42. Definitely my Yardley 24 hour stayfast foundation and my LA girl PRO conceal concealer in orange. The corrector helps me hide my dark circles and marks and foundation finishes the look that makes my skin look flawless.

  43. If Essence’s nail colour Sweet like Candy ever gets discontinued, I will literally freak out. Already considering buying a stock pile just in case.I often joke it’s the one thing I’d need on a desert island, oh and Essence Dry Drops. Someone once took me seriously on the desert comment. It was awkward….

  44. If Essence’s nail colour Sweet like Candy ever gets discontinued, I will literally freak out. Already considering buying a stock pile just in case.I often joke it’s the one thing I’d need on a desert island, oh and Essence Dry Drops. Someone once took me seriously on the desert comment. It was awkward….

  45. Barely own any make-up 😭😭 would love to win this … really love the essence matt lip gloss ♥️♥️

  46. I would hate to have to replace the BYX Butter Gloss in Tiramisu. Such an easy, every day lipgloss. Goes with everything. I say every day. I use it all the time no matter the occasion!

  47. Essence Shine Shine Shine Wet Look Lipgloss. It’s the glossiest lip gloss I’ve ever bought.

  48. Honestly, if my foundation isn’t right I just can’t deal! I am attached to my Rimmel 25 Hour Lasting Finish foundation and if you tried to take it away I would have to fight you for it! It give such a great finish and I have yet to find a comparable drugstore one which lasts as long!

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