Review: The Body Shop Cactus Blossom collection is about to launch in South Africa

Ja, kids! There’s a new limited edition The Body Shop collection hitting all stores come 4 February! Can we get a big hello for Cactus Blossom? Enriched with cactus blossom extract all the way from Morocco, the beautifully packed range includes a body butter, body yoghurt, scrub and shower gel. Everything’s got a sweet, fruity scent that still manages to be light, fresh and clean-smelling and, in a way, it reminds me a bit of kiwi fruit.

Surprise! My mom’s vile ceramic cactuses are actually good for something.

While I’d stuck a paw into The Body Shop’s new-ish body yoghurts in store we hadn’t really gotten up close and personal, but now I’m a new fan. Being an oily-combo kid, I don’t really suffer from dry skin but still need hydration and these lovely little pots are a great way to get it. The gel-creme texture feels nice and cool on your skin, absorbs in a flash and leaves a delicate fragrance in its wake. If, like me, you find body butters a little too heavy, yoghurt is going to be your friend.

It tastes great with muesli too. (No it doesn’t. That’s a lie!)

Scrub-wise, if you’re a die-hard The Body Shop fan like me you’ll know that not all of their scrubs are created equally. Cactus Blossom, despite its prickly name, is one of their most gentle yet. So much so that I could use it on my face if I wanted to (but don’t do that, okay?!) and is more like a slightly scrubby shower gel than an exfoliator.

Gently does it.

Speaking of shower gels, have you seeeeeeen the specials listed on The Body Shop website? Check out the markdown section and feel your wallet twitching at the sight of Virgin Mojito and Pinita Colada shower gels for R56 a pop. (And yep, it’s the 250ml, NOT a mini.) Scroll further to revel in the fact that certain body butters (I see you Vineyard Peach!) are now just R100. If you cruise Clicks online and find a few gems too. Many of them are sold out, but as I type you can snap up single lipsticks for R56 and the awesomeness that is Chinese Ginseng & Rice clarifying polishing powder (a brill dupe for Dermalogica’s microfoliant) for R66. If I didn’t already have a huge stash of powder exfoliators in my storeroom I’d be shopping that dude like a doomsday prepper.

Love, love


P.S. If you’re reading this in 2021 please don’t send me a nasty mail telling me that you checked the site and there are no specials and I’m a horrible, misinformed pooh face. This post was created in 2019. And you’re a horrible, misinformed pooh face. So there!

2 thoughts on “Review: The Body Shop Cactus Blossom collection is about to launch in South Africa

  1. Wouldn’t mind trying this! Haven’t been to a body shop store in ages! Have been looking for a new shower gel. One of theirs that I also enjoy is the Tahitian tiare one.

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