GIVEAWAY: I’ve just packed a whack of John Frieda Sheer Blonde goodies into my suitcase and you could win a GIANT hamper to suit your hair type worth R1 500

The last time I used box dye I was 19 years old and living in London. I somehow managed to turn my hair a disgusting shade of khaki and ended up ugly crying on the tube (in a hideous beanie, nogal) on a midnight quest to the 24-hour Boots in Oxford street for a darker dye to correct it. As a result, box dye’s kind of scarred me for life but I’m taking it along with me to Thailand. If I end up staying a bit longer, my highlights are going to grow out and, much like self-tan, it’s something I won’t find easily.

So, in a bid to keep the dreaded box dye as a very last resort I’ll be taking a host of blonde-boosting John Frieda goodies, exclusive to Clicks, with me. They sent me a giant box of stuff the other day (along with a 5L bottle of water, the press pack treat equivalent of a Le Creuset kettle in the time of drought) and have unwittingly sponsored part of my trip because I was planning on buying several of their blonde products myself. Score!

First up, we’ve got Sheer Blonde Go Blonder lightening shampoo and conditioner (R115,95 each). I’ve used these guys before and find that they don’t lighten my hair up enough to go ‘yay, no more salon for me’ but they do a wonderful job of keeping my highlights bright and fresh looking. I also like that the conditioner doesn’t weigh down my hair. Important, because I wash my hair every day and anything with too much silicone near my roots can leave me looking limp. Not a good look when you’re trying to entrap a rich, foreign Doctors Without Borders person into marriage.

Working holiday must-haves!

What else is in my box dye avoidance artillery? New John Frieda Sheer Blonde In-Shower Lightening treatment (R150) and Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray (R115,95). Both products contain peroxide and I’m going to try the In-Shower Lightening Treatment the moment I get to the point where I feel like I’d want to book in with my hair dresser but can’t. My plan is to paint it onto my regrowth, leave it on for the five minutes then hit the shower. It promises to lift by at least one shade so let’s see how that works out. I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop with an update!

I’m so excited to try this guy, you have no idea. I actually have TWO of them now because I already had one lurking in my stash.

Once that’s done, I’m going to try and maintain my new hue using the Controlled Lightening Spray. This is something else I’ve used before and I know that it works.

Spray, spray, spray! Don’t stop! Spray some more!

Just bare in mind that it lifts your hair by a couple of shades so if you’ve got dark hair, the next shade or two up might be strawberry blonde or brass. You could correct this with a violet tinted shampoo like John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde Colour Renew but, for this reason, the lightening spray is something I’d only recommend to peeps who are already mostly blonde and looking to blend their roots. If you’ve got naturally brown or black hair but have become a platinum goddess and now want to blitz regrowth as dark as my soul this is not going to be your friend.

The lightening spray works best if you blast your hair with a hairdryer after spritzing but I’m not packing one so here’s hoping I find one in my hotel.

I’m aware that all this peroxide might take its toll so I’m taking several hair masks with me and one of them is John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde Hi-Impact Vibrancy Restoring Deep Conditioner (R119). I used it on the weekend, left it on for five minutes as suggested and the result was soft, swishy feeling hair. It contains malic acid, a natural acid you’ll find in apples) that several in-salon treatments use as it helps give your hair a lovely shine.

Two thumbs up!

I was also given John Frieda Sheer Blonde Hi-Impact Vibrancy Restoring Oil Elixir (R149). It does contain oil (sunflower seed and argan) but it’s mostly silicone. I tend to avoid this in shampoo because it can build up and get heavy on my roots but it’s exactly what my lengths will be looking for and this serum allows me to spot treat. The humidity over there is going to be insane but this go a long way towards sealing up my hair’s cuticle to protect it from puffing up while adding a lekker shine.

You don’t have to be blonde to benefit from this guy, although John Frieda do make a hair elixir for every hair colour.

Now let’s get to the bit I know you’re waiting for. Who wants to win a giant John Frieda hair care hamper worth R1 500? Entering is easy peasy. Just comment telling me which of John Frieda’s products is your favourite or that you’d most like to try. (You’ll find the full range on Clicks’ website currently on a buy 3 pay for 2 special!)

This competition is open to South Africans only and closes at 5pm on Monday the 2nd of April. I’ll also be running this comp on Instagram (I’m @lipglossgirlxoxo) as well as Facebook (just give me a sec to get it going) and you can enter on all three platforms to better your odds.

Good luck girls!

Love, love


49 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: I’ve just packed a whack of John Frieda Sheer Blonde goodies into my suitcase and you could win a GIANT hamper to suit your hair type worth R1 500

  1. My favourite has always been the John Frieda Blonder Lightening Shampoo, Conditioner & treatment. As it kept my hair salon colour bright. But after going to the Dark side yesterday I would love try the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Range in Visibly Deeper Shampoo, Conditioner & Treatment.

  2. Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Lightening Shampoo and Conditioner sounds like something I would love to try 🙂

  3. I would love to try the in-shower treatment. I am naturally dark blond but highlight my hair to a light blond. And as we all know it can damage your hair a lot, so I try to avoid highlighting my hair for as long as possible. I would love to see the in-shower treatment combined with the shampoo and conditioner can push my salon visit even further away 😀

  4. I have used the Controlled Lightening Spray for years but am very keen to try out the In-Shower Lightening treatment – after you have given it a bash and given the go ahead 🙂

  5. John Frieda Sheer Blonde Hi-Impact Vibrancy Restoring Oil Elixir I would love to try it on my blonde hair

  6. I’d LOVE to try the John Frieda Full Repair Deep Conditioner. After bleaching my dark hair, because I wanted a blonde ombre look, the texture has been a sad sight. Need a kick ass repair to get me back into silky smooth form.

  7. I would love to try the Frizz ease collection. I am also headed out on an adventure but mine is not alone, my family and I are moving to London and the constant wet air is going to turn my hair into a frizzy mess, maybe this will help??

  8. I would love to try the John Frieda 3 day straight semi permanent styling spray to keep my flat ironed hair in check.

  9. I would absolutely LOVE to try the Hi Impact Sheer Blonde Range… I made a whoopsie and dyed by once blonde hair blue….. i need my blonde back 😦 My new nickname is smurf, not very sexy hahahaha although i will admit the new do doesnt look bad

  10. My favourite product of John Frieda products is the Luxuoris Volume range. I have recently started using it and absolutely love it!

  11. Definitely the John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde Hi-Impact Vibrancy Restoring Deep Conditioner which will hopefully turn my dry blonde hair into a shiny advert worthy barnet

  12. My favourite is definitely the Sheer Blonde Shampoo. I have very fussy hair and the John Frieda brand is the absolute only thing that makes it feel clean.

  13. I’m very keen to try the John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde Hi-Impact Vibrancy Restoring Deep Conditioner!

  14. It’s Cape Town, in the middle of a drought and I have super fine, super curly hair. If it doesn’t get washed/dunked in water every day it ends up in a frizzy halo.
    Started using the Frizz Ease leave in conditioner and changed my curly haired life!

  15. I’m so excited to live vicariously through your trip!
    And if john Frieda have something that will sort out my always frizzy, post parting hair loss, grown out LOB, then I’ll be loyal for life!

  16. I’m keen to try their Dream Curls range – the Frizz Ease Dream Curls Daily Styling Spray in particular!

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