I have a new #budgetbeauty staple and it’s Thursday Plantation Tea Tree cream (And no, this isn’t sponsored. Please f*ck off.)

I’ve been relying on anti-bacterial, anti-fungal tea tree oil as a bit of a cure-all for years now. Mosquito bites? Tea tree oil… minor graze? Tea tree oil… Crazy slow download speeds? Tea tree oil… Auto-correct insisting you want to write ‘ducking’? Tea tree oil… People who stand right on top of you in a queue? Tea tree oil…

Okay, so maybe I made a few of those up, but trust me, it’s got a zillion uses so I was happy to receive a couple of Thursday Plantation tea tree oil products. Aside from the pure essential oil (R220 for 25ml) itself, the Aussie brand creates a myriad of tea tree goodies that range from toothpaste and blemish sticks to face wash and foot powder.

That ointment in the background has a really nice texture – like Arden Eight Hour Cream – but it’s concentration of tea tree is lower than other items.

Out of everything I’ve trialled I’m most excited about their Tea Tree Cream (R130 for 100g) which has become a beauty staple. Why? I’ve used The Body Shop’s Tea Tree night lotion for a zillion years. At R140 for 30ml I never considered TBS’s product unaffordable but now that I’ve discovered Thursday Plantation’s cream does the exact same job, costs less and serves up three times as much product, I’ve made the switch.

New friend alert!

I usually reach for tea tree cream whenever my skin is irritated or inflamed (usually caused by me picking at my pores despite knowing better) and a few hours later the redness is either dramatically reduced or gone, much more so than it would be without any help. It’s also brilliant if you’ve done that stupid thing every girl knows she shouldn’t but does – shaved your bikini line in a rush and created a flurry of red bumps. Slap on a little tea tree cream and the next day your vajay is back in business!

Want? You’ll find Thursday Plantation goodies at stores like Clicks, Dis-Chem and Wellness Warehouse.

Love, love


P.S. How long do you think it will take until the PR mails to suggest I change this post’s title?

P.S.S. Am I scaring off potential sponsors? Would you want to collab with a girl who, despite getting up to ten times the traffic of her competitors, is (gasp!) a vuil bek? 

P.S.S.S. Is this one too many post scripts? Have I done that thing I always do AND JUST TAKEN THINGS A BIT TOO FAR? Ok, I’ll totally stop now.

P.S.S.S.S. Ha! Got you.

17 thoughts on “I have a new #budgetbeauty staple and it’s Thursday Plantation Tea Tree cream (And no, this isn’t sponsored. Please f*ck off.)

  1. Uhm… F*ck the Haters. Swearing is interesting.

    Also, I’ve read about five posts relating to tea tree oil in the past six months or so, and yours is the first that actually makes me want to try it. So there. 😜

    1. Hahahahaha! Thank you! The cream is the shizzle’s nizzle. It smells horrendous (as does most tea tree products) and it’s texture is a bit aqueous creamy BUT IT WORKS LIKE A BOMB!

  2. Oh please. Those people that can’t handle a bit of swearing need to pull the sticks out of their ass. Or spend like 5 mins with us to know it’s every third word in a conversation. Let them be boring.

    Definitely interested to try the cream cos I hate mozzies and they somehow tend to veer to my yummy skin. Great review babe

    1. The cream is brilliant. I can’t imagine anyone disliking it when they see its redness reducing power. And if they do it’s so blerrie inexpensive you can use it as a foot cream. It will never be waste of money, that’s for sure.

      1. Hahahaha same. And then I feel so bad for doing it, especially cos I am prone to pigmentation. Hahaha but it doesn’t stop me from doing it a few days later again. 🤣

  3. Man, I freaking adore you and your posts and honest and you know what – I was told 5yrs ago I would NEVER be influential because I swear too much, and you know what that person can f**king SUCK IT!

    1. Hahahah! Ag, you know what, I’m a real person and I say real things. If someone wants to get their news from a heavily filtered magazine then they’re welcome to buy one.

  4. I hope PR companies do not ask you to change it because your honesty is so refreshing. The beauty and blogging world are full of people who just want to be are on a pr list. By making your title ‘vulgar’ language shows your readers you value honesty over your relationships with or companies. You go gal

  5. I think it’s fuck**g funny that someone would get their panties in a wad because of the title. I love it and I think the post is so honest. I have finicky skin and tea tree has been a lifesaver. It’s my (don’t leave the house without it) type of products

  6. I love your blog solely because it’s not gimmicky. I follow a ridiculous amount of beauty bloggers, so often if there’s a press release I read it coming from a few places, so even if people don’t disclose it was free, I know it. Yours reviews don’t read like a copy paste. You always make things understandable, fun, as throw in little personal bits that I love love.

    You can swear as much as you like and I’d still be more likely to be guided by you.

    You go girl.

  7. I LOVE this post and I am actually GOING TO BUY THIS CREAM.
    Hadn’t thought about it before but it seriously is a cure all and this particular brand looks fab.
    Leigh you are ama-zing-zing.
    My favorite blog posts of yours are when I can hear that Leigh-that-I-know-and-love coming through in full force.
    This is why I read your posts.
    PS: Product advise is secondary to a tom-boy 😉

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