Restaurant review: I popped into The Station on Bree and it was definitely worth the stop

I was offered a meal at The Station on Bree and didn’t really know what to expect but had heard they do a decent burger. Imagine my surprise when I arrived to discover a big and varied menu (it had yet to be put up on Zomato but now it’s live and you can check it out here) including an entire page dedicated to building your own gin!

All aboard!

Speaking of gin, one of the coolest things about The Station is that they’re one of very few spots in Cape Town that has a pre-mixed gin and tonic on tap! Naturally, I had to try it and it totally exceeded my expectations. Each glass served contains a double shot of gin and pink berry-infused tonic (R65).


I took my little sister, Mandy, as my date and she was most impressed with their peri-peri chicken livers (R45). The creamy peri-peri sauce they’re served with was next level amaze! So good you’re going to want to dip everything into it, be it the chips from your burger or the top of its (toasted!) bun you swore you wouldn’t eat because you’re trying (and failing) to cut down on refined carbs!

My sister the hand model.

Speaking of burgers, when we’d arrived we saw a group of dudes enjoying what looked like a business lunch outside and, when Mands asked them what was good, they unanimously shouted ‘THE BURGERS!’ and they were totally right. You can choose between a panko crusted chicken breast of 150g free-range beef (I picked the latter) and opted for the Mexican version, The Nacho Standard (R100), and it was great!  It’s topped with creamed cheese, double cheese (so much cheese!), crushed tortilla chips and guacamole and served with thick cut yet crispy chips. Can we get a yum?!

I was actually quite full by the time this boy arrived and yet I put away every bite.

As for my sis, she opted for the Gourmet American hot dog (R85) and that was awesome too – a tasty sausage topped with shredded lettuce, gherkin, tomato & onion salsa and lots of tangy mustard with tomato sauce on the side.

Yes please!

We also enjoyed the Abbey Road poppers (R55) – crumbed and fried jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese, cheddar, chorizo (!), mozzarella.

These were just the right amount of ‘hot’.

If you don’t like to feel the burn, you’ll be glad to know The Station also does District Six poppers (R45) that are also crumbed and friend and stuffed with the same filling as the jalapenos save for the chorizo which makes it a nice alternative for vegetarians.

The Station stocks a whopping 36 different types of gin.

We actually enjoyed our meal so much we went back two days later for yet another chicken liver binge fest and more of their yummy G&T on tap. I like their peri-peri sauce so much I also ordered the London Eye Hot Beef Pan (R85) – sirloin strips that are also cooked in the sauce – but found the meat a little on the tough side but I’d chalk that up to a fluke. My chica Maz (from the blog Caffeine and Fairy Dust) tried it the other day and got a winner. You can read her review here.

If you’re in town, feel like something delish and appreciate a lekker G&T know that The Station is most definitely worth the stop.

Next stop, fat camp!

A big thanks to The Little Black Book PR for the hook up.

Love, love


3 thoughts on “Restaurant review: I popped into The Station on Bree and it was definitely worth the stop

  1. Oh my goodness. We’re currently on a jalapeno popper binge of note – so much so, that I’m now trying to taste them where ever we go, so I can do a whole post dedicated to them in KZN! These sound absolutely incredible!

    1. They’re delish but if you want to try the best you’ll ever taste in Cape Town you have to get to Fat Harry’s in Kenilworth for their BBQ sauce covered bacon wrapped beauties. You’ll die!

  2. This post… oh my goodness my tummy started grumbling reading it all and looking at those pics. I’m on one EPIC diet and of course I am craving ANYTHING that contains refined carbs or fat… Definitely will be giving The Station a try once this diet is done and I can have my binge day. Love seeing these posts!

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