Colcacchio’s summer menu has new vegetarian and vegan-friendly additions ready for your lovin’

When I got invited to try some of the new goodies on Colcacchio’s menu I didn’t hesitate to say yes. I live near a Colcacchio Mio so they’re often a go-to when I’m craving pizza. I’m a big fan of the Arrosto – deboned pork ribs, rosso onion, roasted red pepper, smoked paprika and mature cheddar. I also think the idea of chicken on a pizza is completely vile but with one hypocritical exception – Colcacchio’s The Moghul (AKA as the butter chicken pizza) which is a thing of beauty.

Anyway, for this particular outing I headed off to the branch in Camps Bay where my friend Tatum and I kicked things off by sharing the carne antipasto (R115) which was absolutely fabulous.

Salami for the win!

A mix of cold meats (great salami!), roasted red pepper, artichoke, mozzarella and – the best bit – a super crispy pizza bread! We both thought it was great value in terms of how filling it was and even though I wanted to not eat all the pizza bread (to save space for my main) I just couldn’t stop myself.

That’s a balsamic vinegar reduction and olive oil on the plate if you were wondering.

For mains, we tried one of two new salads – the Sorrento (R85), a mix of lettuce coated in a creamy ranch dressing with roasted butternut, roasted red pepper, grilled baby marrow, pumpkin seeds, basil, spicy seed brittle, sweet potato strings. I liked that the crispy sweet potato strings – a yummy alternative to croutons – gave it a nice crunch along with the spicy seed brittle. If you like your salads savoury with a touch of sweet this is a nice pick and the portion size is great. It’s definitely a meal in itself and not a side.

Get in my face crispy bits!

For the record, the other newbie salad is called the Giardino (R85) which has more of an Asian vibe going on. You can stalk it via the new menu over here.

Pizza-wise, there’s only one new addition and that’s the Zucca (R155), a greenilcious affair made with roasted butternut, roasted beetroot, rocket, avo, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds on a butternut and tomato base with vegan-friendly cheese. Yep, Colcaccio’s have vegan-friendly cheese! If I hadn’t known, I honestly wouldn’t have been aware that the cheese was dairy-free. Also, I was super impressed with how much avo they give you.

If you’re an avo-freak, this is your new bestie.

While I enjoyed the Zucca (after murdering it with chilli), I have to admit my fave of Colcacchio’s veggie pizzas is still the spicy-sweet Norm’s Pralina (R105). It’s also got a butternut and tomato base but it’s topped with roasted butternut, chilli, feta, pumpkin seed praline and rocket. Have you tried it? It’s sooo good, you guys! I recently ordered a whack of pizza for a dinner party I was too lazy to cook for and my friends moaned when I threw two Norm’s into the mix (‘Where’s the meat?!’) and it ended up being the most popular variant on the table.

Bon appetit!

Anyway, as far as dessert was concerned we tried the new citrus pancake (R50) – pancakes with fresh orange segments, a drizzle of orange sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

There’s always space for dessert!

This was nice and we left the plate clean but it came off second best when pitted against the chocolate brownies (R55) with ice cream.

The brownies are an old menu item but hey, if it’s not broken don’t fix it.

Keen on trying any new menu items? They’re being served up at a Colcacchio’s near you as I type. Also, popping in on Tuesday the 28th (of November) is a good idea as it’s the last day you can take advantage of their Margarita special to celebrate their 25th birthday. Any Margarita cocktail and Margarita pizza is just R25 a pop!

Love, love


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