Win a R1000 gift voucher to blow over the 5-day mega Blue Dot Sale with

Black Friday is almost upon us and there’s been a lot of griping about that fact that many SA retailers are wanting to get in on the action but aren’t really offering killer good specials. Not so with They’re going to be serving up a wallop of products with slashed prices and this extends to fashion and beauty.

This means you can look forward to over 15 000 dramatically discounted deals, with retailers cutting prices by up to 60% and, if you find something in their Blue Dot Sale selection you could save by up to 80%! You also don’t need a credit card to shop as you can pay cash on delivery. Speaking of which, your first orders’ delivery is free and, after that, delivery is also always free when you spend R450 or more. You can also make free returns within 30 days. 

So, how can you make sure you grab the best of Takealot’s deals before they sell out? I’ve got a few top tips, the first being to make a wish list online. This way, you’ll be ready to hit ‘buy’ the moment your item becomes discounted.

I made a wish list and it’s quite the mix, including a GlamPalm Magic Wand curler (R1 899)…


… as many pots of my beloved Catrice Camouflage Cream concealer in Ivory Beige (R56) as I can get my mitts on…

My shade is always sold out in stores.

…and Gucci Rush 2 EDT (R649 for 30ml).

I’d loved this scent for years!

Another way to keep ahead of the sale is to set an alarm. Takealot’s Blue Dot sale starts at 00.01am on Friday the 24th of November and continues over the weekend up until next week, ending on Takealot Tuesday. Even better? If you download Takealot’s app, you can shop the sale early as they’re currently running app-only specials as I type.

You can also follow on all their platforms – Facebook, Instagram and twitter as they’ll be posting about new deals the moment prices drop.

Now let’s get to the super exciting bit! I’ve been given a R1000 gift voucher to give away. Entering is easy – simply tell me which item you’re most wanting to snap up for a song during Takealot’s Blue Dot Sale.

You can also enter via my Instagram (I’m @lipglossgirlxoxo) so be sure to stop on by!

This competition is open to South African residents only and a winner will be drawn at 8am on 24 November 2017. 

Love, love


This competition is now closed. Congratulations to winner Lynn Isaacs! 

147 thoughts on “Win a R1000 gift voucher to blow over the 5-day mega Blue Dot Sale with

  1. I really want an apple series 3 watch. I’ve got most of the money but an extra few Rands would really help☺️☺️☺️

  2. Hi Leigh ,

    I NEED to snap up the Seagate 1TB hard drive , I have been keeping my eyes on one for the longest time and planning on using my ebucks and cash to purchase it . Takealot is the cheapest at the moment 🙂 All eyes on the BlueDot sale !

  3. so much stuff! But as much as I’d love to buy myself makeup and perfume as I haven’t in ages, I’d actually like to get Xmas gifts for my kiddies. So many awesome toys on takealot as well baby things for my LO who is now 4 months old. 💜 #Excited#BlackFriday#BlueIsTheNewBlack#BlueDotSale#

  4. Trying to get a couple of textbooks so I don’t have to worry about them in January (cause really who has that kind of cash in Jan) and maybe a Christmas prize or two. 😆😆

  5. My ears have been talked off by the Twins for the past few months about Ps4 Games, Gran Turismo Sport and Fifa 18. Mom, you can get it on TakeAlot Black Friday. Im like what do you know about Black Friday? Takealot advertised it on tv and its going to be so cheap, then we can get 2 games for the price of one🙈
    And you have the Takealot app on your phone, so you can do it quickly.
    Im like Quick quick. Yes, are you going to pay. Lol kids😂
    For my self everything Beauty😍
    Hubby loves Fragrances. So something in that line.

  6. Ahhh I would love that R1000 voucher! The TOP of my wishlist, and by mine, I mean my 4 year old son, is a Lego Hulk playset which is R999 but this mama is not that crazy.
    Hoping it’s on sale this weekend, I mean at most I’d pay R500. Ha!

  7. Too many to mention, but these are the ones I’m most hoping to get on Friday: Paco Rabanne Olympea,
    Homedics Spa Double-Sided Mirror with Dimmable LED and a Kindle Fire 7″ WiFi Tablet..

    It’s on my wish list, Friday it’s ready, steady SHOP!

  8. I made a commitment to start eating healthy. The Russell Hobbs Satin Smoothie Maker is on my takealot . It will help me achieve my goal 💃

  9. I would love an electric pressure cooker and a few lovely fragrances 🙂
    (I know ou vrou … tee hee)
    x Heather

  10. My kids have sold their PS3 and want to put the money towards a PS4. A R1000 voucher should help them make up the difference, if Takelot reduce the price enough 😉

  11. I’m an avid perfume collector and always ask for a different one for my birthday. So I’m dying to get either the Hollister Wave perfume or a DKNY Be Delicious. Both smell soooo good!

  12. I would love to buy myself a Garmin Vivosmart HR+ sports watch so I can track my exercise! I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled this Black Friday. It’s already on my wishlist!

  13. Its a toss up between a Go Pro for ny hubby our 8th anniversary coming up or spoil myself with some perfume I love Dkny Peach blossom and Dkny My Ny and they are so affordable I could get both 😮 #HoldingThumbs

  14. This voucher would come in super handy. I’d get stationery and arts & crafts sets for my 3 daughters and perhaps spoil myself with a new fragrance. Holding thumbs, shared on Twitter: @mombaking and following on Insta

  15. Reaaaaally have been wanting the Instax mini 9 camera to take some special holiday family photos! 💙💙💙

  16. What an awesome competition!! Takealot has so many great things I want 🙂 but especially the Doona car seat/ stroller for lil one or the Fitbit charge 2/ Alta HR fitness device xo

  17. Added the GlamPalm Magic Wand curler to my list now lol. PS4 games (call of duty wwii) and a camera lens are top of the list. Then there’s makeup, sneakers , etc. And let’s not forget the ones I wasn’t planning on buying but the deals are too great to ignore ! Takealot is a one stop – so many great products in various departments , am gonna be stuck on their site for a long time on Black Friday!

  18. I’m in the market for a laptop so I’m looking for ones like the DELL Inspiron 3552 Intel Celeron HD 15.6″ Notebook to go on sale.

  19. The Doona baby ca rseat that converts into a pram is at the top of my list and hopefully in time for baby due 19 December! Also some Cantu hair care products for my fro and Skin Republic face and eye masks for the non sleep I’ll be experiencing next month.

  20. I have a few things on my takealot wishlist…. LEGO for my son, JOOP fragrance for my husband and a drone for my daughter!!

  21. The Doona baby car seat that converts into a pram is at the top of my wishlist, just in time for baby due 19 December! Then Cantu hair care products for my fro and Skin Republic eye and face masks for the non-sleep I’ll be experiencing next month.

  22. Since I literally only have ONE pot and ONE pan (I know, I know…) the Momoc Pegasus 12 piece cook wear set would be the perfect holiday gift for myself!! AND it only costs R989 on the blue dot sale!!! I’m soooo done with cooking one thing at a time! LOL

  23. I want to buy my son a Minecraft gift for Christmas and my daughter a Frozen gift. Toys are sooo expensive. Would add a little something for myself in there if money left over….

  24. I would really love the Western Digital 4Tb 3.5″ drive. My drive recently have up the ghost, so I need something sizeable to replace it for work and gaming.

  25. the thing that i am looking most forward to seeing is nappies for my baby boy! nappies are so expensive these days so hoping to catch great nappy deals this friday

  26. I would love the voucher to contribute toward a nutribullet! I need to get myself to start eating healthier. This will help by ensuring i don’t skip breakfast by having ready to go smoothies

  27. I would definitely get the 12 piece Pegasus cookwear set! Have wanted to get a cookwear set for the last five years and just havent been able to. Really would be such a huge help.

  28. My Takealot wishlist is a mile long as I’m moving soon and need a ton of homeware! At the top of my list are:
    Philips Airfryer
    Russell hobbs stick blender
    Ps4 for the hubby’s birthday

  29. A laptop! I would definitely get myself a laptop! Being a student with a part time job, it’s hard enough balancing it all and still having to go to the library to do assignments or travel to family and friends to use theres, it would be super handy and this voucher will definitely allow me to get one!! 🤞🏽👩🏾‍💻✨ #BlueDotSale #BlueIsTheNewBlack

  30. I need a new memory card & a hard drive for my canon camera, my memory card broke and I lost all the memories I had on it. So with a memory card I’ll be able to capture memories and save it on my hard drive as back up

  31. The Twisp Clearo 2 Starter Pack – Rose Gold would be an AMAZING birthday present, seeing that my birthday is in two weeks.

  32. A Fitbit

    It has amazing features and I would love to own one , perfect to monitor my heart rate, number of steps taken for a day etc, great to monitor my fitness activities. This will be a fantastic investment to ensure I am taking care of my health.

  33. Ooh I would love a trampoline to tire out – I mean entertain – my three year old this summer! Especially since paddling pools are not really an option in Cape Town at the moment…!

  34. I found out my Kindle wasn’t toddler proof! So I REALLY want a new Kindle. I just want to read this December

  35. Last week I discovered that my granny has lost her eye side Gosh I couldn’t help holding tears and now here is the heart breaking part she used to have a touch screen phone but can’t no longer use it all she asked me to do for her was to buy her a phone button where she would feel and know where to press when it’s ringing 😢 now if I won this voucher would definitely buy her a Mint M1 Dual SIM Black cellphone it’s now on special at Takealot and also buy her Chocolate Treat Box just to show her how much I appreciate her

  36. An Arsenal shirt, its been in my cart since the beginning of the season and has been on my wishlist since February 2015, its always outdated when it’s finally affordable so fingers crossed I’ll be able to scoop one up at an absolute steal

  37. OMGosh!! I really want the Philips Power-Pro Aqua cordless vacuum cleaner, the R1000 voucher would defs help get me there! Weird how you get excited about vacuum cleaners the older you get 🙈🙈

  38. The things that are top of my wish list are a set of Sennheiser headphones, and The Power of I Am by Joel Osteen (book). Been wanting both for so so so long.

  39. I desperately need a good sunscreen like Nivea SPF50+ and Beurer facial cleansing brush..these two items will make my skin worth having fun & confidence this summer.🙏

  40. 😊 I am seriously gaga 💃💃 for a nutribullet💙💚💛. My journey into whipping myself into shape 💪👐 for summer will go so much faster & smoother with the help of this bad boy so I can prepare healthy & nutritious smoothies every morning. 👏👏Pretty pls with a cherry on top 🍒🍒❤❤

  41. I would love a UV lamp for my nails. I never have money to go get my nails done and I don’t have patience to wait for mine to dry lol.. I do my nails thrice a week, so I’d love to buy a UV LED lamp so that my nails can be ready to show in a matter of seconds haha!

  42. The hi sense 32″ TV , lol it is going to be hectic in December with 7 family members all wanting to watch something different on one TV . fingers crossed

  43. I would really want a play station for my sons they have been asking me to buy it for them for 3 years but i cant afford it. Pretty please im sure it will make them sooooo happy….

  44. Hi, I love to spoil my furry baby for Christmas. His bed is tattered and old. I’d definitely buy the Rogz 129cm x 86cm Indigo Bones bed for him. He would absolutely love this.

  45. I would love to win some money to help my mom who just lost her job as a domestic worker start a small shop. Either than that, DKNY perfume would make me so happy😊

  46. So keen on snapping up the Apple airpods and series 3 watch. The few extra hundreds will help me get my accessories 🤗

  47. The Fossil Ladies ES4038 Gwynn Leather Watch – Silver. I’m a sucker for watches and just can’t stop buying them

  48. I would really love to get my son a Car seat as we keep him on the lap now. Takealot has a great selection and I’ve kept one on my wish list for the longest time! Hopefully I get to checkout this Friday

  49. I really want t buy my S/o the Nutribullet – 600W Blender – Grey blender she’s been talking about all year!

  50. I would love to buy an electric car for my little boys 1st birthday on the 5th December. He absolutely loves them!

  51. I am eyeing the Chocolatica’s Bon Voyage shoes, a Discworld Game,an Instax camera, some of my favourite perfumes and some jewellery as well. Basically whatever good comes up, I am there.

  52. Well my fiance keeps telling me to get a straightener for myself, but what I REALLY want is to get him a bottle of One Million Perfume!

  53. I REALLY want this prize 😀 Theres so many amazing products at Takealot that its really hard to choose, i would love to own my very own Nutribullet to add to my workout regime and i would absolutely ADORE a nail lamp so i can finally start doing my nails again (working in scaffolding has its downfalls), i would love to get my hands on some amazing primer for my face! I absolutely LOVE takealots sales, got an AMAZING make up stand during their spring sale. If i have to choose one though i would say the NutriBullet because i REALLY need to adjust my nutrition and the foods i eat so smoothies would really help this and it may even get my daughter to start trying more fruits and veg (ALWAYS A FIGHT!!). Fingers, toes and all else crossed to be the lucky one

  54. I need a Jack and Jones white t-shirts during festive so I can use it when I go to church accompanied by Bethusile Mcinga uzundithwale hope in win this one.

  55. 🙌 I love the Maxwell & Williams squared designed white plates set. I would so die to get my hands on them.
    Lovely giveaway

  56. The Argon Oil Steam Hair Straightener has been on my wishlist , literally for MONTHS now. The reviews & videos I’ve seen for this Straightener has me crying for this. Especially for my not so straight hair 😂😂
    I’d really love & appreciate this voucher MORE than you can imagine
    Also , I’d honestly wrap it & make use of it after Christmas- so therefore have it as a Christmas gift to myself lol … pleeeeeeeaaaase!! I’m really hoping I win this one 😭😭😭😭😭 TakeAlot has such a wide variety , but you know it’s real when I’ve narrowed it down to one item 😂😂

    Really crossing my fingers for this one! 💙💙💙💙 #BlueIsTheNewBlack #TakeAlot

  57. Wowzer, what a prize!
    I myself would love to stock up on the Skin Republic and Garnier sheet masks – they’re my favourites, and when they’re on sale like this, it’s great to stock up and put them away in my drawer 😉
    And the hubs has had his eye on a Biltong maker – something I’m not opposed to, as the idea of unlimited supplies of drywors appeals to me 😉

  58. Hoping to pick up a Nespresso machine at a nice price. Been wanting one since Jack Black appeared in the TV ads 🙂 I mean what else? lol

  59. For me I would have to say I would spend it on a FitBit, I have wanted one for a long time well since around June when I started gym again haha. Its something to motivate me a littel more. On a student budget I just cant spend that much.

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