Reviews: Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless foundation and powder, Yardley StayFast Liquid Matte Lip Vinyl metallic lip colour and Wet n Wild Max Volume Plus waterproof mascara

Maybelline’s Fit Me Matte + Poreless foundation (R99,99) has been available overseas for a while now and it’s finally launched in South Africa in a wide array of shades that arrange from light to dark. (I’m not sure if we’ll be getting the more hydrating version, Dewy & Smooth, but I’ll ask the PR and revert.)

Nice price, baby!

Anyway, being an oily/combo-skinned girl, I am the target market so I was keen to give it a bash. I tried 120 which is a little bit darker than my natural skin tone but that’s the way I roll when using a foundation that’s very sheer as I like a bit of a tint to rescue me from the deathly pallor that is my complexion without self-tan.

The foundation serves up sheer to medium coverage and, while it’s not exactly ‘runny’, it’s pretty fluid so I found it very easy to spread and blend using a sponge, even without using a primer. The result is a more even-looking complexion that’s most definitely matte, but not ‘flat’-looking. I like that you can still ‘see my skin’ through it and any imperfections that are still visible can be blitzed with a bit of concealer.

As far as wear goes, Matte + Poreless isn’t as long-lasting as other lightweight oily-skin targeting foundations I own (Garnier’s BB cream for oily skin is still the queen of 24 hour wear) but as far as every day foundations go I rather liked it, especially when you consider its pocket-friendly price point.

What I really, REALLY liked, however, was it’s BFF, Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless powder (R99,95).

The compact doesn’t contain a mirror but at R99 I’m not complaining!

Regardless of whether I’m wearing an oil-control foundation or not, my forehead gets shiny as the day goes on so I need to either reach for an oil-blotting sheet or give my face a dusting of powder. I’ve owned several of the latter that just don’t cut it as they’re not finely-milled enough, look chalky, end up ‘building’ and then turn into mud. Fit Me, however, is super fine and natural-looking. I love that I can whack it on several times throughout the day without any problems. Next time I decide to buy a powder at the drugstore this will definitely be an option and will probably win out based on the fact that it’s under R100 but works just as well as other powders that cost double the price.

What’s on my face? Maybelline Fit Me foundation and powder plus two more cosmetics I’ll chat about if you keep reading.

Moving on, Yardley StayFast Liquid Matte Lip Vinyl lip colour (R119,95) is now available in a four new metallic shades.

From left to right: Queen B, Chrome Pink, Reign and Coppering.

I know, I know. It seems weird to call something ‘matte’ and then make it in a foil-finish but hey, I’m just glad it exists as the red shade, Queen B, is a thing of beauty.

That purple shade is stunning but doesn’t suit me. If you can pull off super darker shades I think you’re going to love it!

I liked that it didn’t feel drying on my lips and while it didn’t stick around for 24-hours as promised it did sit vas way longer than a regular lipstick would’ve. In fact, it totally survived two glasses of bubbly and I only had to touch up after eating a greasy burger. Queen B has officially made it into my make-up bag.

Last but not least, I went to a launch the other day for a local company that distributes several exciting brands and was given a rather spoilicious goodie bag. I’ll be featuring my favourites on the blog as the month rolls out as well as the three items the PR very kindly allowed me to take from the display. (One of them is a new self-tan that’s been a total game changer for my face!)

Anyway, the first goodie bag gem I want to show you if Wet n Wild’s Max Volume Plus waterproof mascara (R103, exclusive to Clicks). I’m not sure why but my tube’s foil is a little bit worse for wear. It’s like some kind of liquid seeped into it through the back of its cardboard casing and caused it to bubble but let’s not let that put you off. The mascara itself is fantastic!

Hello new friend!

Obviously I want my mascara to volumise, but I’m not big into thick, spidery-looking lashes so I’m drawn to things that also ‘define’ and Max Volume Plus’ plastic comb does exactly that.

This dude grabs each and every lash.

It also doesn’t smudge or flake!

Jet black and ultra defined. Just how I like my eyes for day.

When L’Oreal discontinued my beloved Voluminous waterproof mascara (they’ve actually discontinued the original Voluminous too!) I was left not really knowing which drugstore waterproof mascara I’d toss into my bag next time I make a break for the islands but now Wet n Wild’s got me sorted. I do wish the tube wasn’t quite so unnecessarily bulky but considering it’s so cheap n’ cheerful and good at its job it totally gets a pass.

Love, love


7 thoughts on “Reviews: Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless foundation and powder, Yardley StayFast Liquid Matte Lip Vinyl metallic lip colour and Wet n Wild Max Volume Plus waterproof mascara

  1. Ah I wish the Matte and Poreless had worked on me 😦 I tried it 4 times, each with a different primer and once without. It looks fabulous at first, but within a couple of hours it separates! I used it with a water based primer (even though it’s a silicone based foundation) at first and figured that was why. Queue two different silicone primers and same thing. And just as bad with no primer! I’m done – passing it on to a friend who might like it. I think it’s very much a love or hate product.
    The POWDER though. Wow. I think it might replace my beloved Rimmel Stay Matte!

  2. I tried the Fit Me foundation because of price and the fact that Maybelline have such a range of colours (I am super pale but I accept it, and 110 matches my skin tone very well). I bought it as a sheer/good skin day foundation to have available and it is fine, not great but okay. What is driving me nuts though is the liquid is so thin it pools in the lid and I have to store it upside down or standing up in my makeup bag. Why couldn’t they have just packed it in a pump bottle?

    1. Mine hasn’t pooled yet – it’s been lying on it’s side on my dresser – but thanks for the heads up. I agree with you, it’s not a miracle foundation but for less than R100 it’s definitely good value if you’re looking for something very lightweight to just even things out a little or add a bit more colour. I find I can go darker with this because it’s so sheer.

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