Fragrance reviews: Gucci Bloom, Kenzo The World, La Perla La Mia Perla and Elizabeth Taylor Love & White Diamonds

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Gucci’s always done florals well and they’ve done it again with Bloom EDP (R1 330 for 50ml and R1 710 for 100ml), a lush bouquet of white flowers created to celebrate feminine diversity while transporting you to a magical garden. As for the pretty vintage-looking powder pink bottle, it was designed to be reminiscent of porcelain and I like how heavy and luxurious it feels in your hand.

Simple and pretty!

The notes: Indian tuberose, jasmine bud extract, orris root and rangoon creeper (also known as Chinese honeysuckle.)
What it smells like: I know gardenia’s not listed as a note but I often find certain tuberose fragrances go gardenia-y on me and this is the case with Bloom. A good thing as I love gardenia! I don’t really pick up on the other notes, save for the jasmine. I just get a lush, green burst of tubersose/gardenia that has incredible staying power. It reminds me a lot of Michael Kors’ Michael and Lauder’s Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia.
Who’s going to like it: Anyone who likes white florals, young or old. While Bloom is aimed at a younger generation I could totally see someone like my mom (who’s young at heart) wearing it.
Wear it: On a warm summer’s eve while enjoying sundowners with your friends in a beautiful garden. (In full bloom, of course!)

Kenzo The World EDP (price TBA) is a playful, ‘avant garde’ fruity floral created to celebrate ‘freedom of expression’. I really like the TV commercial, directed by Spike Jonze, as it does a good job of capturing it’s off-the-wall essence.

Kenzo’s is watching you!

The notes: Red berries, plum, peony, Egyptian jasmine and vanilla.
What it smells like: This is interesting as it smells different on me every time I spritz it. The first time I tried it the berries came through loud, strong and sweet. The second time it just smelled clean, like freshly washed laundry and then warmed up with a warm, brown sugar note that came through afterwards. This is a difficult one to describe so I think you’re going to have to sniff it yourself. Others have compared it to Burberry’s My Burberry and I get that. Personally it reminds me of L’eau Par Kenzo but with a generous dollop of fruit on a warm bed of creamy vanilla.
Who’s going to like it: Any woman, young or old, who enjoys fruity floral scents.
Wear it: In the summer on a weekend when you’re meeting your girlfriends for lunch. (Bonus ‘World’ points if it’s for something exotic like Lebanese or Thai.)

Lingerie brand La Perla have launched their first fragrance, La Mia Perla EDP (R950 for 30ml and R1 650 for 100ml) and it’s pretty interesting as it eschews a typical pyramid structure in favour of a circular composition inspired by a pearl. In short, the idea was that you’d smell all the notes at once as opposed to having them reveal themselves in layers.

Spot me in the bottle?

The notes: Spicy mandarin, white pepper, jasmine sambac, white peony, orris, suede, ambroxan, sandalwood and musk.
What it smells like: Warm, powdery, creamy and snuggly, Mia Perla isn’t a ‘sexy’ scent, it’s a sensual one. I get lots of vanilla even though it’s not listed as a note and the musk (a soft, ‘white’ version) comes through a little later. Just one spritz makes me want to put on a cashmere jersey and order up a cinnamon latte!
Who’s going to like it: A woman (not a girl) who likes ‘cosy smelling’ yet alluring scents like Donna Karan Cashmere Mist and Carolina 212 Sexy.
Wear it: In cooler weather either during the day or at night when you want to feel sensual yet sophisticated.

I’m not a fan of Elizabeth Taylor’s other fragrances as I consider them stuffy and old lady-ish so I had low expectations for Love & White Diamonds EDT (R695 for 100ml) and even told the PR as much but – surprise, surprise – I’m eating humble pie! This fragrance is fresh, youthful and addictive. So much so I’ve been wearing it regularly as my casual, daytime scent.

Sorry Liz, those are the only ‘white diamonds’ I own.

The notes: Neroli, petitgrain, mandarin, jasmine sambac, Turkish rose, tuberose, gardenia, musk, cedar and sandalwood.
What it smells like: The citrus top notes come through loud and clear and, thanks to the addition of neroli, remind me of the soothing/calming aromatherapy treatment roll-ons you can pick up at Wellness Warehouse. (I love those!) The soft florals come through later and then it starts to remind me of Jennifer Aniston’s first fragrance, Lolavie, or even Bobbi Brown’s Beach.
Who’s going to like it: Anyone, young or old, who enjoys an easy-to-wear floral with sparkly citrus top notes.
Wear it: On a warm day when you’re running errands and want to smell clean and fresh!

See anything you think you’d like? All these fragrances are in store right now and just waiting to be sniffed.

Love, love


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