I had a lovely lunch at Loulou’s Bar in the Cape Quarter. Try their wagyu beef burger, it’s great!

I was in Thailand when Loulou’s Bar held their launch and was sorry to miss out as I’d heard good things so I didn’t hesitate to take them up on a lunch when I got back. The restaurant, which has been open for a couple of months now, is in the courtyard of the Cape Quarter, boasts a very sexy-looking interior and has a few big, comfy couches outside that serve up a nice view of the square.

Apparently, the owner has several restaurants under his belt in Jozi so this isn’t his first rodeo. It’s evident that he knows what his doing as the food is great. He also decorated the place and it reminds me a little of Harrington’s cocktail bar with a splash of Hussar Grill.

Mooi, ne?

But let’s talk food! I know that’s what you’re most interested in. I visited with my bud, comedian Martin Evans (follow him on twitter @hellpants, he’s a funny dude) and that was great as we got to try a selection of dishes. Of the starters, the plate that most impressed was the seared tuna! It was beautifully presented on a long plate and each piece melted in your mouth. I also really liked the zesty dressing it came with. Being a savage I’d later dip Martin’s chips into it!

This was sooo good, you guys!

Speaking of chips, if you love your truffle fries you’re going to love Loulou’s. I was impressed with how generous a serving came with Martin’s burger. They were skinny cut, super crispy and pre-salted with the most delish truffle flavour that was just right – not overpowering at all. A perfect foil to the wagyu beef burger that was as tasty and tender as a fillet on a large, super fresh fluffy seeded bun. This was a winner and, at just R99, seriously good value.

I love a seeded bun!

Something you should know – Loulou’s has a lunch time menu that’s served up until 3pm each day. You’ll find many of their regular items are on it, but they’ve been given a special price. For example, the burger shoots up to R120 after 3pm. Other things on the special menu that caught my eye included eggs Benedict for R45 (R20 if you add mushroom, R30 for bacon and R35 for salmon) and a chicken prego for R65.

This super filling Caesar salad, also from the special menu, was R85.

When it came to dessert we decided to split a chocolate brownie (R65) but got our arms twisted into trying the (enormous) passionfruit panna cotta (R60) too and both were good. Just be warned, the brownie is very dark and dense so you’ll have to be a serious chocoholic to finish it.

The brownie is served with burned white chocolate ice cream but to me it tasted like a rich, ultra creamy vanilla.

Drinks-wise, Loulou’s has a very impressive list of whiskeys (at least 80 different types) and a nice wine list. The entry point is R35 for a glass of Ken Forrester Petit Chenin Blanc but you could also go big and order a Rust en Vrede Cab Sav for R150. That’s the kind of thing I like to order on a bad Tinder date before ghosting on the bill. (Kidding. I never do that. But now that I’ve thought of it I’ve got a game plan for the weekend.)

Reckon I could dance on that table?

Anyway, if you’re in the Cape Quarter and looking for good food you’ll find it at Loulou’s Bar. They get the Lipglossgirl thumbs up. You might also want to pop in their on a Friday. Apparently it gets quite festive and people start dancing as the hour gets later. They also run a cool special where, if you buy an Aperol Spritz between 5 and 7, it comes with a trio of mini tapas. You never know what you’re going to get, they change on the regular, so consider that a surprise bonus!

Love, love


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