NIVEA Sun literally saved my skin this holiday and I’ve got a sun care hamper you could win

If you’re following me on social media you’ll know that I’m currently hanging out in Chiang Mai, in the North of Thailand, where I’ve come to eat up and storm then (hopefully) walk it all off with a two-day jungle trek. (I was told that the best type of bug repellent to bring would also include leech protection. Insert silent scream here!)

Prior to Chiang Mai I spent two weeks in Phuket and the little island of Koh Lanta where I spent a lot of time in the sun. My hotels’ pools were epic (here’s how to nab a fab hotel on the cheap), the beach was a few metres away and I spent two of my days on island tours by speed boat.

Pretty Phi Phi!

Packing a good high protection sunscreen was vital but it was also important that it be water resistant. Unlike Cape Town’s freezing ‘look but don’t touch’ Atlantic, the sea in Thailand is as warm as bath water so you’re constantly in and out of it. Then there’s the rain and sweat factor. It’s so darn humid here, with constant ‘flash showers’ and you’re constantly sweating so, again, a water resistant sunscreen is a must.

Sigh! It’ll be a while until I see abs again. The food in Chiang Mai is beyond.

Anyway, when NIVEA’s Sun Protect & Moisture SPF 50+ water resistant sunscreen arrived I immediately tossed it into my suitcase. I’m a big fan of the trigger spray which has a light, milk-like texture that absorbs fast and doesn’t leave my skin with a white cast. Also, while many water resistant sunscreens have an incredibly tacky, sticky-feeling texture, once Protect & Moisture’s fully absorbed (just give it a few minutes), you might as well be wearing a regular body lotion.

You’ll notice Sun Protect’s sporting a ‘NEW Clothing Protection’ sticker as it’s been reformulated to make it easier to wash out any UV-induced stains. Good news because I always wear a tee when I snorkel so as not to fry my back; slap it on when I cruise markets in the boiling hot sun and even use it like a body lotion on my legs at night. (I’m big on travelling light. Anything product that can multi-task is my friend!) In short, I’m essentially living in sunscreen and have yet to notice a stain but, in all fairness, I’ve never had a NIVEA Sun product stain my clothes in the past and I’ve been a friend of the brand since high school.

This is the dude I’ve been using on my legs as a body lotion as it’s got a slightly creamier texture.

Anyway, let’s just jump into the bit I know you’re all waiting for. NIVEA have given me a sun care hamper worth R1000 to give away consisting of NIVEA Sun Protect & Moisture moisturising sun lotion with Clothing Protection lotion in SPF 30 as well as SPF 50+ (both 200ml); the sun spray versions in SPF 30 as well as SPF 50+ (both 200ml); the larger 300ml trigger spray SPF 50+ and a pretty printed sarong. (Yep, the same one I’m wearing in my pic.)

Sound good? To stand a chance to win, enter via the comments section below telling me which of NIVEA’s products is your favourite. (It doesn’t have to be a sunscreen and there’s no right or wrong answer. I’m just interested!)

You can also enter via my Instagram and Facebook page so be sure to stop on by!

This competition is open to South African residents only and a winner will be drawn at 5pm on 22 September 2017. Good luck girls!

Love, love


This competition is now closed. A big congrats to winner Emma @vintagevixenCT. 

93 thoughts on “NIVEA Sun literally saved my skin this holiday and I’ve got a sun care hamper you could win

  1. I only ever use Nivea sunscreen, I usually have a selection of all the SPF’s for myself, hubby and 2 kids. We are going to the beach in October so I need to stock up before we go 🙂 I also love their coco butter for after a long day on the beach it soaks in and makes my skin feel super soft, it also seems to help my tan 🙂

  2. NIVEA’s Sun Protect & Moisture SPF 50+ water resistant sunscreen.
    We use nivea because my children have very pale skin and this is the only thing that helps. We have tried a few brands

  3. I’m inlove with the Nivea shower rinse off lotion, leaves my skin feeling hydrated…esp for someone who hates moisturizing!

  4. I have a few favourites; you can basically call me their brand ambassador. I use their face-wash, make-up remover, day and night cream, body lotion and body wash (on occasion). As I have been blessed with an olive skintone, I do not leave my house without my face and / or body (depending on the season) being covered in Nivea SPF 50. Basically, I am NIVEA. 🙂

  5. We religiously use the SPF50+ trigger spray bottle.
    Currently running low and with summer fast approaching a sunscreen top up is in dire need!

  6. My Favourite NIVEA products are to many as we are a NIVEA Family. And it really really works. Ive got them hooked on NIVEA.

    For Me:
    NIVEA Daily Essentials Cleansing wash
    NIVEA Cellular Anti-Age Cell Renewal Serum
    NIVEA Cellular Anti-Age Cell Renewal Day Cream SPF 15
    NIVEA Cellular Anti-Age Cell Renewal Night Cream
    NIVEA Sun protect & refresh 50 high Invisible cooling sun spray
    NIVEA care shower creme OIL PEARLS scent of Cherry Blossom
    NIVEA Firming Good-bye Cellulite Gel-Cream
    NIVEA Anti perspirant for black & white Whie mark protection & anti yellow staining.

    For Hubby:

    NIVEA MEN Sensitive Shaving Gel 0%Alcohol
    So no Burning
    NIVEA MEN Sensitive Post Shave Balm
    NIVEA MEN Even Tone Creme UV
    NIVEA MEN Active Clean Shower Gel Active Charcoal
    NIVEA MEN Body Lotion Maximum Hydration & Previtalising
    NIVEA MEN 48HR Invisible for Black & White anti white & yellow marks.

    (Twin Sons age 11, use the same as hubby, except for the shaving part)

    So as you can see this Mom (Me). Got them hooked as Im always trying new things. Lol

  7. I love all the Nivea products, I currently used the the roll on, body lotion and hand cream. My favourite is the body cream as I found that living in a hard water area, Nivea is my wonder cream for softening my skin.

  8. In winter its the Nivea Creme Care in shower hands down, slap some on in the shower, rinse and dry. it saves my dry skin in the winter months (plus, I’m lazy and hate putting on moisturizer). Summer cannot start without their kids trigger spray, my kiddies skin sizzles like bacon in a hot pan during summer and their kids sun spray is a supper essential.

  9. I cannot leave the house without my Nivea Sun SPF 50 Moisturizing Sun Lotion for kids in the spray bottle. No lotion, no Sun. So convenient in the spray bottle for kids that can’t stand still lol

  10. My all-time favorite Nivea product has to be Nivea Creme, it smells like nostalgia. It reminds me of my childhood and the lovely weekends I used to spend at my granny’s house. She would always give me Nivea Creme to use before I went to bed. I haven’t seen her in 7 years, she lives on a different continent, I miss her terribly. Would love to win the Nivea Sun hamper for my 3 daughters who spend hours each day outdoors, during the summer. Thanks for the chance.

  11. Somehow the smell of Nivea sunscreen is a forever reminder of the beach ❤️ Must say my fav product has to be their “pure fresh” shower gel. Love the light fresh scent.

  12. Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser is my staple moisturiser – my skin is much smoother since I started using it 🙂

  13. Is the sarong a Nivea product? I want to say that’s my favourite. No? Ok well then I guess it’s currently the Rich Nourishing Body Lotion. Cape Towns winter has been awful for my skin and this baby saved me. The Q10 anti age hand cream is also my bestie these days 🙂

  14. I used to hate putting on sunscreen because I would always end up looking yellow, white or blue once I applied it on due to my tanned skin tone. Lol!

    Although once I started using 300ml Nivea spray SPF 50+, I haven’t stopped!!! I’m obsessed with its spread and the light texture on my skin. Also it absorbs and blends so well in my skin. OBSESSED!

  15. I love all Nivea products – but the best is Nivea soft – I use that everyday and night as a moisturizer and then slap on my Nivea spf 50 during the day as I have dry skin. I use it everyday from school days and even got my husband hooked on it for the last 7 years of our marriage!

  16. I always use Nivea Protect and Moisture sun spray. I love the texture once it’s on the skin and how easy it is to apply. I’m on vacay in Greece at the moment and my trusty Nivea Protect and Moisture sun spray is permanently sprayed on my skin.

    I also LOVE the Nivea Cocoa Butter Body Moisturiser, which smells like summer holidays, and doesn’t leave a “sticky moisturiser” residue on my legs. I can even put it on and “gooi” on some tight jeans afterwards without them sticking to my legs. Love it!

  17. I absolutely love the Nivea Invisible Cooling Mist.
    The whole family enjoys using it because it’s quick and easy. No mess no fuss.

  18. I like a lot of Nivea products, their deodorants (Double Effect and Protect & Care are favourites) and all their SPF 50 Sunscreens are great for summer and throughout the year. At the moment I am really fond of the Nivea Cellular Anti-Age Eye Cream, I am not quite ready to get onto the retinol train yet, so Nivea’s hyaluronic acid option is fantastic.

  19. I’ve enjoyed following your Thailand travels on insta! I’m heading there on honeymoon with my hub in December, so will definitely be in need of some sun protection 🙂
    My FAV Nivea product has to be, without a doubt, the good-old “Nivea Creme”.
    My gran has been using this as her face cream since she was 16 years old and swears by it to this day! It’s so lovely and buttery I use it as a hydration mask in Winter when my skin really needs the extra moisture.

  20. I love the nivea nourishing cream with almond oil. Makes my skin so smooth and i feel great knowing that i wont be ashy as i have dry skin. I also use nivea night cream for my face it feels good

  21. I’m not going to lie and say I have 1 favorite. NIVEA is part of my daily routine. Body cream, face cream day and night and more. Nivea is the love of my skins life. It adds moisture, refreshes and keeps my skin glowing.

  22. I have used and loved plenty nivea products but my holy grail is the tin nivea creme. I enjoy the texture and how deeply moisturizing it is. I have the tube in all my bags and use as a hand lotion

  23. The Nivea Sun Invisible Spray SPF 30 is my Summer go-to. It’s strong enough to prevent that burnt red skin but light enough to let your skin tan (well, that’s if you’re one of the lucky ones!) So my sis and her hub are going to Thailand in December (I know she has been closely following your Thai trip blog) and my hub and I are going to Zanzibar in January… so I guess what I’m saying is that I’d be happy to share my prize with her! We’ll need the protection as the sun is very different to the ZA sun. So I would totally love to win this prize – the timing couldn’t be more perfect ☀️

  24. To say what Nivea product is my favourite is quite a challenge I would have to say there body washes are amazing:)
    On the note of why this comp appealed to me is that I can be in the sun for 5 minutes and I will look like a tamatoe I wish I was joking. So I would love to win so that I have no excuse not to put sun block on

  25. I am always at the beach surfing so need to use a really good water resistent sunscreen and find that the Nivea Sun Protect & Moisture SPF 50+ water resistant is perfect for me….time to stock up for Summer now.

  26. Nivea body moisturizer! I love it! I just haven’t used it in a while and this post is definitely giving me the feels I will have to buy it soon. Heading to Thailand in just a month so can’t wait to do all yr recommendations. Thanks for your Thailand posts I’m glued. Xx

  27. Their kids sunscreen! My daughter and I are both allergic to most sunscreens except for the Nivea kids range. We don’t go anywhere without it in my bag and her school bag.

  28. Nivea
    Oil In Lotion, Vanilla & Almond Oil

    It’s absolutely wonderful, long lasting, keeps my skin moisturized and the Vanilla scent is heavenly. It applies smoothly as silk onto my skin. Its great as its non sticky, the Vanilla scent gives me a relaxing and calm feeling, My skin is nourished, protected and has a beautiful radiant glow.

    Thank you for a wonderful giveaway, and you certainly have a great influence on how I choose my products and I strive to review a product like you do…😃

  29. I absolutely love the NIVEA Anti perspirant for black & white Whie mark protection & anti yellow staining. It keeps my black and white clothes free of stains and it keeps me fresh all day long.

  30. Oh wow would love to win some Nivea shower gels or Nivea body creams which are just my best. Will always remind me of your amazing trip.

  31. One of my favourite product has to be the Nivea Body Goodbye Cellulite Gel I’ve been using it since it was launched and I’m not stopping now.
    This is really tough because most of my products are Nivea products so you made this really difficult for me to pick just one.
    Fingerscrossed I really hope I win I would love to win Nivea suncreen/protection hamper its December and I need to be protected 🙂 Pick Me Please 🙂

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