The President Hotel in Bantry Bay is now serving up Tea by the Sea

The other day I was invited to experience The President Hotel’s Tea by the Sea. Situated in Bantry Bay, you get to indulge in three-tiers of treats plus a coffee or tea for R195 a stand.

I’m so into scones right now it’s ridic.

The amount of food you’re given is pretty intense so it’s best you go hungry and you’ll still probably leave with a box of unfinished business. Of all the treats on offer I most enjoyed their light, fluffy scones. (I think they put vanilla essence in the mix as they’ve got a lovely vanilla taste!)

Come to me scone!

My bestie Karisa thought their milk tarts where good and she’s an Afrikaans meisie so that’s high praise. I also really liked their macarons and their little savoury cheese and spinach tarts. I’m more of a savoury person and feel like they could’ve added just a dash more of the salty stuff but if you’ve got a serious sweet tooth you’ll be very happy.

After tea we got to stay over at the hotel and our room – a one bedroom apartment with an en suite bathroom, separate toilet and lounge/kitchen area – was fabulously spacious.

Go big or go home. Literally.

It served up a great view of the pool area and we could hear the live piano music that was playing during the tea filtering up to our room.

Summer’s coming!

Enormous 49-square metre space aside, I liked that the bed was ultra comfy, the shower was nice and strong and there were two TVs – one in the bedroom and another in the lounge.

Sweet dreams!

Two TVs meant I could stay in dreamland with my super soft pillows while Karisa could sneak out at the crack of dawn to watch the Mayweather vs McGregor fight. (I’ve known this girl for over a decade and had no idea she was into boxing! So’s sexy Siv Ngesi who called us in hysterics ‘cos the DSTV was down in his building. For the record, I’m still bleak he didn’t end up crashing our hotel.)

I love that they make you request a plug in a bid to save water.

Lack of mooi boys aside, at least I got to enjoy abusing the hotel’s free Wi-Fi which was fast enough for me to stream a movie without any buffering. Can we get a ‘yay’?

Summer is coming!

The next morning we headed to the hotel’s The Islands restaurant right next to the pool where we got to indulge in the breakfast buffet and that was super duper impressive in terms of how big it was.

Plate nommer een…

You like fruit? They’ve got everything from pineapple slices to passionfruit. More of a cheese person? It’s there! Like your salmon and cream cheese or perhaps a bit of smoked mackerel? The President’s got it. Cereal? Take your pick! Sausages? Which kind? Just name it!

Plate nommer twee…

They also had a huge variety of pastries, everything from my beloved pig’s ears to mini croissants, as well as pancakes and waffles.

Sadly I don’t stop at plate nommer 3. There was cheese to klap too!

Anyway, Tea by the Sea isn’t the only thing going on at The President. They’re also offering a picnic basket you can take to the beach and serve up what sounds like a killer Sunday lunch buffet. It’s just R199 per person and kids under ten eat free!

Thanks The President, it was real!

Keen to book? You can give them a ring on (021) 434 8111.

Love, love


8 thoughts on “The President Hotel in Bantry Bay is now serving up Tea by the Sea

    1. If I don’t exercise and go over 5000kj a day I start to gain so on a day where I have a food bonanza I eat much less the following day to level out. Also, if I have a massive lunch I’ll have a teeny supper. Everyone has their own ‘okay’ kj number that works for them based on their body’s metabolism but that’s what works for me 😘

  1. Oh yummy! Still want your job 😂😂😂 how amazing is that high-tea and brekky – darn awesome and the apartment is just fabulous – spoilt chicca

  2. Good day. contrary to the price listed here as R 195 per stand, the website states R195 pp for high tea? Please advise.

    1. Hi there! I checked with the PR who says it’s R195 per stand. I realise it’s conflicting info so I reckon the best is to call the hotel to confirm. I’d do it myself but I’m en route to Thailand. If you go, enjoy!

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