Review: Revlon Ultra HD gel lipstick

So Revlon do this thing where, when they drop off a press pack, they want their promo girl to take a photo of you holding it to ensure that it got to you. I have no clue why they do this, but hey.

Still, there couldn’t have been a worse time for their latest delivery. It arrived early in the morning when I was lying in bed feeling like a dead person after a particularly big night out. I was still in my party rokkie with mascara smeared under my eyes, hair like a troll doll and had an ice pack swinging from my neck when I heard the knock on my door. Thinking it was my flatmate’s boyfriend I swung it open and BOOM – there’s the gorgeous Revlon promo girl.

To make matters worse, the audio book sample I’d been playing had come to an end and my iTunes had auto skipped to an old, trashy 90s party mix so all this was now happening TO THE TUNE OF MAMBO NUMBER FIVE!

Really universe?! My you gotta do me this way?

Anyway, it turns out all that pre-9am horror was worth it ‘cos Revlon sent me a gorgeous set of perspex make-up drawers containing their new Ultra HD gel lipstick.

Never mind! All is right in the world once more…

As for the lipstick, it’s pretty awesome. If you’re familiar with it’s predecessor, Ultra HD lipstick, you’ll know it’s got a gel-wax texture but new Ultra HD gel is a lot lighter.

Revlon Ultra HD Gel lip colour

It glides across your lips with ease in a way that feels more like a lip balm than a lipstick but imparts all the high impact colour of the latter. It’s also got a lovely shine to it and smells and tastes delish – like tropical fruit! I know some peeps hate the idea of scented, flavoured lip products so if that’s you these won’t impress but I love my lippie with a li’l ‘extra’.

Going from left to right you’re looking at Coral, Tropical, Vineyard, Rhubarb and Arabica.

In a way, they remind me just a tad of L’Oreal’s now discontinued Glam Shine lipsticks, something I used to love, so if you were a fan too you’ll want to try Revlon’s newbies. They’re very similar but feel even creamier, even more hydrating and really do bring the shine.

I like pretty much every shade I was sent save for Arabica (browns just look flat and dead against my skin) and coral (‘cos I just hate coral) so here I am wearing Vineyard which I love to bits.

Whatcha doing,  Leigh? Oh, just taking selfies in my car which makes me feel like a total douche but it’s the only place with decent lighting come midday.

Nice work Revlon! I’m a fan!

Love, love


6 thoughts on “Review: Revlon Ultra HD gel lipstick

  1. I absolutely love the colours Vinyard and Rhubarb! I’ve never really worn lipstick as I’d feel too conspicuous but I think I’m going to give Vineyard a go!

  2. After reading your post, I went and bought myself the Vineyard version and I LOVE it. The formula glides on easily with great coverage, it feels smooth and moisturizing and doesn’t dry out your lips like some other products tend to do. A really great find that is definitely going to become a handbag staple!

    1. I’m so glad you love it! Thank you for letting me know. Ja, it’s def one of the ‘glidiest’, creamiest formulas I’ve tried in ages. I’m super duper impressed 😉

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