Review: Rimmel Brow This Way Brow Shake filling powder

Rimmel Brow This Way Brow Shake filling powder (R99,95) has just hit the shelves and I love, love, love it! The applicator’s a little weird, kind of like a slim, furry spider leg, but it works like a bomb to transfer the brow powder (which I’ve found to be very long-wearing) in a way that’s super precise.

From left to right you’re looking at Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown and Soft Black.

There is a trick to using it though! Be sure to tap off the excess before you touch your brows and use a very light pressure. The powder’s pretty pigmented so if you’re heavy handed it won’t look natural. Then, once you’re down, use a spooly brush to soften things up a little.

Now, with a little practise having made perfect, I find it so quick and easy to use that I’ll definitely be buying another one of these guys. I also like that the powder itself is very long-lasting.

This is 001 Light Brown.

My only ‘ish’ is that the very lightest shade, 001 Light Brown, is pretty dark. This suits me as I quite like a dramatic brow on days when I’m wearing full make-up but if I wanted to look ultra natural on a very casual day I’d want something lighter. Also, blondes that have brows even lighter than mine may find it’s not a good match.

Naked brown on the left, filled in brow on the right. Ignore my kak mascara. Won’t be featuring that dude any time soon. (It’s not a Rimmel one, in case you were wondering.)

Here’s hoping they bring out a lighter shade so very fair peeps can enjoy it too. It’s such a goodie! Also, for the record, when I look at Foschini’s site, I see they’re selling a shade called 001 Blonde and this might be another shade or is the one I’m using that’s been mislabeled.

Nice one Rimmel! This newbie’s a gem!

Love, love


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