Review with swatches: Lancome Juicy Shaker Matte

When Lancome launched Juicy Shaker a while back I thought the packaging was super duper cute but it didn’t really find a permanent home in my make-up bag but only due to a matter of personal preference. I’m just not a lip oil kind of girl.

New Juicy Shaker Matte (R315), however, is a completely different animal as well as my current favourite lip product. Like no lies! I was literally online last night to see what other shades are available as I want to snap up more of them. High praise from a girl who pretty much never buys cosmetics due to the sheer fact her job garners more than she could never use in a lifetime. So, ja. Buying more is probably stupid but there’s no rationality when it comes to love – love, crazy love – and that’s exactly what I feel for Juicy Shaker Matte.

Love you long time!
Kiss Me Cherie on the left and Pink Power on the right.
This is the stain which is even deeper if you leave it on a little longer than I did here.

So! What makes them tick all my lip lovin’ boxes? For one, each shade goes on like highly pigmented liquid matte lipstick that feels nice and comfy, not drying and all. And that looks great. But, when it wears off, you’re left with one helluva stain, a lovely, intense wash of colour, that really sits vas.

I love being able to slick it on in the morning and not have to worry about touching up. By the time I’ve finished my coffee and the meeting I’m stuck in is still dragging on I don’t have to think about what my face is doing. I’ll still have colour and it’s going to stay that way until I use some kind of remover to take it off.

The tip reminds me of a mini Beauty Blender.

As far as the packaging goes, you’ll see its the same adorable li’l cocktail shaker a la regular Juicy Shaker but lacquered black as opposed to silver. It’s also got the same pointed sponge tip which makes application fun, easy and precise.

I’ll update this post soon with an ‘on lip’ shot. I’m just drowing in deadlines right now. But if you love a matte liquid and adore a stain that never says die check out Juicy Shaker Matte next time you’re near a Lancome counter. Maybe you’ll like them as much as I do. (Which is a lot!)

Love, love


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