Who wants to win a R1 500 shopping voucher plus Garnier Nutrisse’s new Bronde collection?

They say blondes have more fun but now there’s a new happy hue taking over town and that’s bronde. Yep, you heard me – ‘bronde’. A beautiful blend of brown and blonde.

Garnier’s gotten in on the trend with a new shade in their Nutrisse Creme collection called 6.3 Golden Light Brown. It’s the penultimate shade of bronde as it really is the perfect merger of coffee meets cream. Still, if you’re a brunette who wants in on the action but doesn’t want to stray too far away from your natural colour you can take a look at Golden Light Brown’s sister shades – 5.3 Golden Brown and 4.3 Dark Golden Brown. Like all the hues in Garnier Nutrisse’s collection, they promise a luminous-looking, multi-tonal result and are enriched with fruit oils to care as they colour.

From left to right you’re looking at 6.3 Golden Light Brown, 5.3 Golden Brown and 4.3 Dark Golden Brown.

Being a brunette, the bronde collection really appealed to my flatmate, Gay, but she was a seriously nervy customer. The last time she dyed her hair at home we picked a shade that was a bit too light and her hair turned a dashing shade of khaki. Cue snot, trane, trembling and my cunning plan B – buying a beanie in every colour and wearing them for a month. Ever the diva, Gay was not keen on plan B so we had to develop plan C which involved a semi-mental breakdown in a 24 hour pharmacy where we found a darker shade to cover things up. The ensuing colour wasn’t great. In fact, it was a bit, dare I say it, rooi. But it was OK. It wasn’t kill-yourself-khaki so that was a plus.

Six weeks later the red has kind of faded. But only a bit.

So, flash forward and we’ve got 1 x flatmate who’s a bit nervy of box dye. Still, I asked her very nicely (okay, okay, I was all ‘Do this now or I’ll lock you out of the Wi-Fi’) and she agreed, settling on 5.3 Golden Brown as it was the closest to her natural hair colour but still promised subtle golden tones. Still, it had its work cut out for it. We needed to cover a bit of grey, blend in the roots and deliver even-looking colour that wasn’t a monotonal world o’ ‘flat’.

After a stiff drink, we mixed it up (easy peasy), did a successful patch test and I slipped on the gloves to get down to business. Just one box was enough to cover her every strand and it didn’t smell especially strong. (In the past, other dyes have burned Gay’s scalp and made my eyes water.)

Was this going to look good?!

After just half an hour (twenty minutes dye time, a five minute shower and five minute blow dry) we had a our answer…

Bye bye rooi gevaar! Hello rich, glossy light golden brown!

In fact, bronde was totally banging!

WordPress tends to wash colours out a bit so click on this piccie to enlarge and it see Gay’s true colour result.

So, do brondes have serious fun? Gay thinks so. She’s now living up to her name with a compliment-garnering hair colour that she likes so much she’ll be using it regularly. She’ll also have you know her wardrobe is officially 100% beanie-free.

If you’re thinking of going bronde yourself, know that Garnier Nutrisse has three mooi shades to help you pull it off.

Now, if you think you’d like to become a #brondegirl too, let’s get to the part I know you’re excited about!

I have two Bronde girl hampers to give away and each includes the entire bronde collection plus a R1 500 shopping voucher from a mall of your choice.

Entering is easy and there are three ways to do it. You only need to pick one way to enter but if you do all three you’ll triple your odds of winning.

1. Simply leave a comment below telling me why you’d like to go bronde.
2. Hit me up on twitter with ‘Hey @lipglossgirl, I’d love to win a spoilicious @GarnierSA #brondegirl hamper’ and be sure to include the link to this post.
3. Find my bronde girl post on Instagram (I’m @lipglossgirlxoxo) and tell me why you’d like to try the hot new hue over there too.

This competition is open to South African residents only. The competition closes at 5pm on 19 May and I’ll draw the winners from a combined pool via random number generator and announce them on 20 May.

Good luck girls!

Love, love


P.S. Can we all just agree I’m living with Princess Kate Middleton’s doppelganger?

This competition is now closed. Congrats to winners Jess Gouws and Karin van Zyl.

85 thoughts on “Who wants to win a R1 500 shopping voucher plus Garnier Nutrisse’s new Bronde collection?

  1. I highlighted my hair VERY blonde for years, and late last year I decided to go back to my more natural brunette. I say more natural, as my NATURAL hair is a mousey brown shade that just looks darned SAD, while the colour I am now is a bit richer. While I enjoy the fact that the brunette makes my lighter eyes pop a little more, I do miss my blonde hair, so I think a ‘bronde’ look would blend the two together so beautifully, and give me everything I want in a hair colour! I’d go one of the two lighter shades for sure… 😉

    1. I would love to win this because I have been bleaching my hair blonde and it has damaged my hair. I want to go bronde so I can get my hair healthy again.plus it’s a beautiful colour!GarnierSA #brondegirl hamper @lipglossgirl

  2. I am in desperate need of a new look. I have been brunette all my life and I think a total hair makeover is just what I need

  3. Oh my word, where do I start! My hair is looking seriously awful and brassy and old hag grey hairs are poking out. I am desperate to get to the hairdresser but also not so keen on spending 1200 before payday and I am beyond TERRIFIED of home dye jobs but your room-mates story has me inspired! I have a very similar hair colour and love the fact that it hasn’t turned out flat or orange. – Pick me!!!

  4. I like change, but not 180 degree change so this would be perfect for me! I used to be blond and went brunette, so a little bronde would totally work for me!

  5. I would love to go bronde, i have had black hair most of my life and would love to see a change

  6. I want to dye my hair but I’m such a scaredy-cat! I’ve got pitch black hair, which I love on days (hence the second guessing), but I think the darker two shades are inconspicuous enough!

  7. My recent ombre from brown to blond is way too much maintenance right now! Ever week it’s toner time to keep it from turning yellow.I’m a natural red head so that red pigment is always making an appearance soon after a colour session.. Brunette is so easy to maintain and experimenting with the different bronde shade will be existing

  8. I have naturally dark brown hair which I have been highlighting for almost 14 years now and as a result of that and the GHD my hair is super dry and has lost a lot of its shine. I love being blonde and am really nervous to go brown, but this new bronde may be the perfect solution as a compromise between the two! Your friend looks gorgeous and has inspired me! 🙂

  9. My hair is BORING brown and with it being my birthday month, I think it’s a good time to “out with the old (not my age 😜) and in with the new” blondes have more fun… please help me, help myself. Muchas Gracias mi amigo

  10. I have always wanted to go a little more brond im.tired of always having dark hair. But I to am like your friend Gay im so so nervous as previous times have really messed up my hair. Holding thumbs that im the lucky lady that will actually be able to change my haair to brond….

  11. Except for the fact that i’m 27 and going grey (lol) I definitely need a new colour since I recently cut my hair into a bob for the first time in 10 years I guess I may as well go all out and dye it a new colour too 🙂

  12. From being a natural brunette, being blonde has ruined my hair!! Would love to have the best of both worlds by going #bronde! It looks so pretty!! Garnier also have a great reputation for amazing hair products that leave your hair feeling and looking healthy so I be more comfortable trying something new 🙂

  13. Wow, I’m now obsessed with Garnier Bronde! Really want to try it! Need a fresh new look😢 and I can’t think of anything better than a shopping spree!😍😍😍 shared on Twitter and commented on Instagram as well. Thanks

  14. Change is good i have been a one coloured hair girl like forever…and getting Bronde and Bold is a check on my list. New look ..
    fears overcame ✔

  15. Wow that looks stunning I would love to try it out I think as we get older the lighter shades soften our faces and Im now 52

  16. I would like a change…and my husband would not mind….he will love this hot new heu…he love my hair a bit darker. fingers crossed !

  17. Being a brunette, and trying to go blonde once did not work well at all. So I would love to try the bronde because my hair is very dull at the moment. Need a change ;o)

  18. I would love to win. I really need my rooi mooi!! Lol . The worst mistake I ever did to my hair was dyeing it black. My natural colour is a light brown. Black takes a long time to grow out and I didn’t wanna go dark again. But I needed to do something with my hair it really looked funny. So my lovely friend decided to put blond highlight in my hair what a mistake I really don’t know what came oveR her. she did it all wrong now I have a even worse multi coloured rainbow hair do its a mixture of brown, blond, yellow,red and black. What a mess I really need to get a beanni

  19. Blondes have more fun??? No way! My natural hair colour is between blonde and light brown so I decided to make it blonde, little did I know how much it would take to keep my hair blonde. After about a year of light hair I have finally decided to go a little bit darker. I think the bronde is a perfect inbetween. You know wgat they say, a change is as good as a holiday

  20. I love the bronde hues as they add a twist to the brown colours. Her hair colour looks like it has depth and shine! Would love to try a different shade of brown.

  21. I would love to go bronde i have meduim hair thats in need of some golden brown hues so that it doesnt look dull and boring #brondegirl

  22. I’ve been tempted to go blonde a few times but have never plucked up the courage! Bronde sounds like a perfect in-betweener to get me primed for going the full monty #brondegirl

  23. Right I’m due back at work in 2.5 weeks after 4 months maternity leave. And it’s about time I dyed my hair and did something to un-mom myself. Help!

  24. I tried to dye my hair once and after following every painstaking step in the process (why so complicated?) it… Didn’t take. Ever ready for a second chance, would love to give this a go! X

  25. So I am a FIRM believer that Brunettes have more fun than Blondes, but hiding my grays with the expert diy hair dye application skills of my hubby he pushes his darker shade fetish on the issue. Which is making me feel a bit ble these wintery days …. Soooo I can surely just dip a toe in the Bronde pool right????? xoxo

  26. This will be a change, but with winter coming it is the perfect time to test drive some golden brown! #brondegirl
    Ps. “Do this now or I’ll lock you out of the Wi-Fi”… This I have to try!😂

  27. Hi @lipglossgirl I’d really love to change my hue. I’ve had black hair all my life. Was always doubtful to change my colour. I look at other ladies and I become envious. I’d love to be a #BrondeGirl because the colour is beautiful, it’s not bright, it’s definitely the perfect colour for a first time hair make over.

  28. Yes I would love to try the new Garnier bronde shades as I’m 48 now the Greys are popping up more frequently so the blonde n bronze should be the idle camouflage

  29. Bronde is definitely better although I’m not sure it could make any changes on my dark brown hair. Maybe it could give it gloss and shine

  30. Hi Leigh 🙂 You look stunning!
    So I’m gonna be 30next month and I have never colored my hair. How crazy is that? I look into the mirror and I am starting to feel old(I found soo many grey hairs and I’m starting to freak out). 30 is supposed to be fabulous. So I think it’s time for change. I would love to try the #Bronde ❤ and maybe get a cut. Please help me change my look. I wanna be 30 and fabulous ❤

  31. I’d love to go bronde, it’s the type of colour that will warm up a sad, winter complexion, but won’t look out of place after the ice has melted! I want to look sun-kissed this winter, I spend most of time working indoors the least I can do is fake it 😝

  32. I love being bronde .. it one of the sexiest look of showing all you got. It being bold and also beautiful . It gives you that extra look of being extraordinary and also being that lady who walks high in hills with shoulders up. However bronde colour give glow to your have ,as it been said a beauty of a woman is in her hair.

  33. I love being bronde .. it one of the sexiest look of showing all you got. It is being bold and beautiful. It gives you that extra look of being extraordinary and also being that lady who walk tall with high heels and broad shoulders. However bronde colour gives you that super natural colour in your hair .. and shines off that beauty in your face. As it been said beauty of a woman is in her hair. 👱

  34. I simply love changing colours especially brown and blond but bronde has a combination of both thats really hard to find and rare so i would looooove this its gonna be amazing

  35. So 2017 has been my Dare to be Bold year. Trying things and colours ive never thought/imagined would suit me. Now, this Competition seems like a perfect time for me to try something didferent and fo blonde.. It would be much appreciated to win this. Thank you

  36. A fantastic giveaway thank you and a interesting read which I found captivating and I would love to have a change , a new look is well overdue for me…out with the same old black hair , it’s time I took the plunge and look fabulous by going Bronde.

  37. Wow , this is EXACTLY what I have been waiting for – Bronde – I have color my hair at least every 6 weeks – to cover grey hairs – and these new shades would add the golden brown hues for that richness of color. Your friend looks Beautiful.

  38. I want to go bronde because I am soooo tired of my boring black hair! Time for a change.. new me! And bronde is the perfect warm and natural shade to suit anyone!

  39. So I’m a natural brunette but it’s a new year and a new me ,New career & new job so it’s definitely time for a new look and new hair colour! Bring on the Bronde look!

  40. I’d love to go bronde because I’ve never changed my hair color and this looks so pretty, I’d love to give it a go.

  41. I love colouring my hair. Its bean all the colours you can think of. I love bronde and im going to buy it end of month.

  42. we’ve now moved on from ‘ombre’ or ‘the dip-dye’ as it’s all about the more natural-looking bronde. I WANT TO TRY ALL 3 PLZZZZ

  43. Well I’ve been getting antsy for a hair change (anything was on the table including lopping half of it off or going bright pink) and your Kate Middleton roomie makes bronde looks so good, I’m thinking this may be the way to go.

    Plus I think my mother would be grateful for the bronde rather than the former options:)

  44. I’ve always leaned to blonde with those blonde highlights in my mousy brown hair, but I feel like its been a year since I’ve done anything new to my hair other than trim. I just feel like I need something new a fresh look its my Birthday coming soon and I would love to try a new look out and be bold and brave and step out of my comfort zone.

    And going Bronde would be a perfect shade for me to go for so I wish I could be one of the lucky ladies to win.
    Fingerscrossed 🙂

    Tweeting @Nooreen9
    Instagram @Nooreen79


  45. I tend to go blonder through summer with highlights so would love to go back to more of my natural brown (okay a bit of grey in there too 🙈)
    Sharing via twitter @vickypsa

  46. My hair is a mess, its hot patches of light brown, new hair growth and blonde highlights, and it really needs bronde as it will brighten up my complexion and make me feel good. Okud hint hides face it will hide my greys

  47. I would love to change to bronde i guess it will be a perfect match for me as i simply love the color.I would love to have a new classy look😊😉😃

  48. I have the bleakest, lifeless head of hair. I recently just cut it above shoulder length because I needed something vibrant and new. Didnt do it for me. I knew it was a change of colour I had to do.

  49. I’d love to go bronde…I always have black hair…so this would be the perfect change for me…it looks like the perfect winter colour,deep rich colour.

  50. I’d love to go bronde…I always have black hair…so this would be the perfect change for me…it looks like the perfect winter colour,deep rich colour.

  51. Kies my !!! Asseblief haha .. Ekt my hare pikswart gemaak (oomblik van swakheid as die ligte hare begin uitgroei en gryshare deur poke)

    So ek dink dis die perfekte geleentheid om Bronde te gaan ..ek gebruik net nutrisse ..wanneer ek besluit om ligter te gaan sal ek die pre lightening kit koop en dan sal ek of rooi of die gewone bruin opsit … Maaaaaar dink die bronde gaan ‘n goeie verandering wees en mens sal nie so vinnig die muisvaal bruin en grys demons sien wat uit groei nie hehe..

    Pick me pick me …. I need to go bronde before I shave it all off hahaha

  52. Time to get some birghtness into my life and ditch the dark (which I have always had), besides blondes always have all the fun 🙂

  53. I have one word why I need to go bronde and win, well actually I’ve got three words … grey, grey, grey

  54. After a year of professional highlights I just could not afford another trip to the hair dresser. With my mouse brown routes creeping out and a wedding approaching (me as a bridesmaid) I started to panic about the state of my hair colour. After reading Garnier’s post about their new #bronde shades I decided to brave the dreaded box dye. Off to Clicks I went! R70 later I had my 4.3 and was ready for application! What a gorgeous result! My hair turned out a multitonal medium brown shade with warm undertones and SO SHINY!!! I received so many compliments at the wedding and will definitely be using Garnier Bronde shades every month 😍

    1. So happy to hear that! Ja, I must say Gay is thrilled with her result too. Garnier was pretty generous so we’ve got several boxes and she’ll definitely be using all of them.

  55. I have had my hair brunette all my life, and would love a new change. This bronde idea is brilliant, and I think it would suit me perfectly,

  56. Well my natural hair colour is this terrible mousy brown colour so for years i have been dying my hair all shades of browns and red (at the moment i’m red) I’ve been wanting to do the brown with blonde streaks so one day i tried it at home as i can’t afford salon prices and it was a total disaster to which i covered with red! lol i would love to go Brown again with the new fun and flirty Garnier Bronde 😉

  57. I love Nutrise hair colour! I have to colour my hair every 3 weeks because of The evil greys. I was thinking of using Brond colour. Will be perfect colour! Tnx for the awesome blog!

  58. Wow! I love Garnier, but I haven’t coloured my hair in ages. Currently, it’s red from my shoulders down and mousey brown up to my roots. Bronde sounds like the perfect solution!! I would be so grateful to have a chance to try it out. Shopping with my new look could only be fun and much needed.

  59. I love Garnier!! I would love to try their new range as I haven’t coloured my hair in ages! Shopping with my new look could only be fun!
    Thank you for a very entertaining article and thanks for this opportunity.

  60. I would love to win the Dark Golden Brown, I think it would be perfect for my Mom. She is slowly getting a bit of grey and she decided to colour her hair for the first time at the end of last year. We bought a very reputable, permanent hair colour and applied it correctly, but her greys were showing through within a couple of weeks. I think this colour would be great on her and I am sure Garnier’s formula will properly cover her greys. Once again a fabulous review Leigh! I am holding thumbs that I will be able to spoil my Mom!

  61. Recently wanted to try a new hair colour (new year new me speel) but after going into the Salon and finding out the prices i was SHOCKED! Was too scared to dye myself but after seeing these results I can’t wait to give it a go!

  62. Hey @lipglossgirl, I’d love to win a spoilicious @GarnierSA #brondegirl hamper’ as I am in desperate need for a new hairdo. I have run out ideas and only the blondegirl hamper is capable of re-energising my hairdi ideas juices

  63. Never in my life have i tried Blonde why cause i was scared of change bt given this opportunity i would mind trying by the way im light in complexion so i think it might look good on me

  64. My blonde tresses are looking very “tired” – in need of a change. This could be it – in time for winter! Would love to try these new shades by Garnier Nutrisse.

  65. I’m a half bronde at the moment – black hair with brown all over it, but this woman is ready to become fully bronde. I mean, and I love you Leigh, but I think brondes have the most fun – eek! Don’t kill me!

  66. I’d love to go bronde cause it is the perfect shade for autumn and winter and seems very low maintenance. Bronde will also make my hair look way more healthy and revitalised

  67. In my mid 50’s and I would a total hair makeover and this looks so awesome….will probably take some years off me which would be a bonus #brondegirl #win #giveaway #GarnierSA #Nutrisse

  68. I am so bored with my hair and need a boost to my confidence. Loving this colour and it would definitely suit my skin tone. #brondegirl #win #giveaway #GarnierSA #Nutrisse

  69. This would be so great to try as I have never tried a shade like this and think it would really lift my look and give me a much needed boost. #brondegirl #win #giveaway #GarnierSA #Nutrisse

  70. I have not changed my look in a long while and I am so loving this shade. This would make a real difference to my current look and would definitely be an improvement #brondegirl #win #giveaway #GarnierSA #Nutrisse

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