DKNY Be Delicious Art limited edition EDT review

DKNY have launched yet another limited edition collection of the Be Delicious fragrances. This time, the trio’s called Be Delicious Art and boasts packaging created by NY graffiti artist Keith Haring.

Ag cute man!
Ag cute man!

Of the three scents, my favourite is the pink one, Fresh Blossom Art. Because of the fresh grapefruit and rose top notes, it reminds me a lot of a Clarins’ Par Amour Tujour which I think is now discontinued. There’s also a little magnolia in the mix and you end up with a slightly sweet but very juicy, crisp, clean-smelling scent that’s young, girlie and just a little bit flirty.

Be Delicious Art (the green one) is also clean and crisp-smelling but very green with just a hint of lychee and blackcurrant to make things interesting before it dries down to musky wood. To me, it’s the perfect ‘office version’ of Fresh Blossom. While I find the original Be Delicious fragrance utterly dull, this one’s something I’d be happy to wear any old time. It somehow has more depth to it than the original.

The third scent, Golden Delicious Art, opens with a juicy burst of mango then morphs into a white floral with lots of lily of the valley taking centre stage. I also pick up a bit of magnolia even though it’s not listed in the official note line up. To me, this is a comforting, warm, cosy type of scent that makes me think of warm, fluffy towels and Woolies’ Magnolia bath and body range.

Pretty pretty!
Pretty pretty!

If you’re a fan of the original DKNY Be Delicious fragrances, you have to give these babies a sniff. And if you’re not, go smell them anyway. They really are different to the ones you’ve tried before and I’m sure you’re likely to find one you’ll appreciate. Each 50 ml scent is going for R650 a pop and they’re all exclusive to Edgars and Red Square.

Love, love


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2 thoughts on “DKNY Be Delicious Art limited edition EDT review

  1. I ignored these in store for ages as I thought they were the same scents in a new bottle. So wrong! I really shouldn’t have bought the *new* original one as I already own it but I couldn’t resist. The scent is different enough to justify a spend and I actually now prefer it to the first one which has been my baby for years. It gets me lots of compliments. Love your blog btw. Addicted.

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