Beauty bits and pieces: The Body Shop Almond Milk and Honey body butter, Tweezerman x12 mirror and point tweezers plus Soylites soy candle in Entice

Whether you’ve got sensitive skin or not, chances are you’re going to like The Body Shop’s new Almond Milk and Honey body care range as much as I do. It’s got a fabulously clean yet warm-smelling scent, almost like something developed for a baby care line, but without the powder. (I hate most powder scented products!) The kiffness that is Liezel from recently described it as ‘honey sponge cake’ and I totally get that too.


I was given the body butter (R170) and its lovely stuff. Formulated with organic almond milk from Spain and community trade honey from Ethiopia, it promises to soothe and hydrate for a solid 48 hours. Like everything else in the range, it makes use of a hypoallergenic fragrance and is free of well-known irritants.

Aside from the body butter, the line up also includes a cleansing bar, shower cream, bath milk, gentle exfoliator, body lotion and hand cream. You can view them all on the brand’s local site here.

Now let’s chat Tweezerman! I was sent one of their Tweezermate 12x magnifying mirrors (R295, Dis-Chem) and its possibly the best and worst things that’s happened to me.

Looky looky!
Please appreciate that angling my camera in such a way that I wasn’t looming over this shot was a feat.

I love being able to see my lashes close up (x12 to be exact) on days when I really want to pay attention to my mascara. Same goes for my brows when I’m going in for a tweeze. My crow’s feet and every single pore in excruciating detail? Not so much. But hey, as far as magnifying mirrors go, this one’s a gem. It’s also got two little suction cups at the back so you can stick it on a flat surface. This is the kind of thing I wouldn’t have seen the point of ten years back but now that I’m middle-aged and sliding into blindness it’s a winner.

Something else from Tweezerman I didn’t know I always wanted? Their stainless steel point tweezers (R250, Dis-Chem)!

Skerp! Passop!
Biets, passop! Dis lekker skerp! 

These aren’t your every day Tweezers – ye regular slanted tip dude. Nope, these are seriously, pointed to the point that they could be lethal in the wrong hands. But if you’ve got steady ones and a good eye (or a Tweezerman magnifying mirror!), you’ll find they do a brilliant job of nabbing the finest little hairs as well as those that are just poking out enough to be nabbed, but not enough to be caught easily with a regular tweezers. In short, they’re an ingrown hair’s worst enemy. I honestly don’t know how I ever fathomed I could ever deal with the latter using a regular tweezers.

Lastly, I just want to take a mo to let you know how impressed I am by Soy Lites candles. They’ve been churning out the burners for ages now but I didn’t realise how many gorgeous variants they’d expanded into until I looked at their website the other day. Now I want to snap up basically everything! If you didn’t know, at any given moment, there’s at least one scented candle burning in my home. (Today it’s Bath & Bodyworks Island Margarita, a li’l something I picked up in Mexico.)

Anyway, Soy Lites sent me a variant of theirs called Entice (R215, – a blend of ginger, cinnamon, grapefruit, sweet orange and pepper. Alone, each of those scents is one I adore and together they make this delish-smelling mix that makes me think of ginger ale and those cinnamon-y fireball sweets I used to love as a kid. It’s definitely the kind of uplifting yet comforting fragrance I want around me when the leaves start falling but I did light it last night to test the ‘throw’ and it’s very good. I could smell it from the other side of my bedroom (which is exceptionally large) within five minutes.

Apparently it serves up a cool fifty hours of burn time!
Apparently it serves up a cool fifty hours of burn time!

An added bonus regarding soy candles is that their wax has a lower melting point so you can drip it on your skin without burning yourself. This makes it a dual use item as you can use the melted soyabean oil for massages as well as moisturising super dry bits like cuticles but between you and me and I just like to light ’em up.

See anything you like?

Love, love


3 thoughts on “Beauty bits and pieces: The Body Shop Almond Milk and Honey body butter, Tweezerman x12 mirror and point tweezers plus Soylites soy candle in Entice

  1. Niiiiice, Leigh!! First off, let me tell you that I am impressed by your camera angling skills! I have the same challenge when I am taking blog and Insta pics. I have those tweezers from Tweezerman and they’re the best beauty tool I have invested in, I use them almost every single day. I need a new pair though because they slipped off my vanity and landed on the pointy part. The sadness that is buckled tweezer end…

    • Jane Wonder •

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